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P-REP Proposal; ICON, 20% exposure in top crypto event of 2020, reach 100+ universities/corporate partners (BETTER THAN SLICED BREAD), organized by MouseBelt.

Event site:
Event date: May 18th, 2020
P-PREP Commitment Date: April 30th, 2020
Telegram: u/markusreisner
We believe we have a strong proposition to market ICON in a meaningful way to some of the largest communities in crypto.
The MouseBelt team has the largest global network of over 100+ universities in 20+ countries. Over the last few months, 10+ university blockchain events we were working with got canceled for obvious reasons.
Due to that fact, and our understanding of our reach we decided to launch a virtual conference. Since April 10th here is what happened:
MouseBelt will invest over $70k+ into this event. We would like to have fellow P-Reps invest $20k (this will go 100% to BlockTV production cost).
The benefit to the ICON community will be:
MouseBelt is a popular blockchain ecosystem consisting of multiple parts:
MouseBelt as ICON developers:
Our engineering team has implemented token assets on ZenSports (SPORTS), the first STO on the ICON network, and GrowYourBase, the #1 IRC2 application token in market capitalization on the ICON network.
Currently, we are developing the Balanced network in concert with ICX_Station, PARROT9, and Iconosphere. Balanced will bring synthetic assets backed by ICX to the ICON network, as well as tokenized staked ICX. This can assist with both a stable asset for payments, and a base for other DeFi applications
MouseBelt as a P-Rep:
We have been a Main P-Rep most of the time since decentralization of the network and so far had utilized our funds for student education.
Such as the “ICON in a box” workshops and the Milwaukee Blockchain Conference, which we sponsored in a direct ICX payment and the second annual payment for UCLA’s blockchain engineering course.
REIMAGINE2020, Conference details:
Conferences have always been an integral part of the blockchain space to promote projects in the industry.
With recent evolutions around the globe, things have changed. They either got canceled or delayed.
We have created REIMAGINE2020, a virtual conference.
Shared by the ICON Foundation on April 18.
We can effectively and efficiently promote ICON to the world through Reiamgine2020 | BlockTV. The driving force behind the conference is: highest quality of Content matched with the best production quality for Video. The funds will allow MouseBelt to promote ICON logo/branding throughout the conference/programming for straight 72 hr of live streaming. Additionally, we have the opportunity to properly place ICON logo/branding in highly favorable on-screen placements (tickers/commercials/plugs and continuous branding) reaching 5M viewers globally. ICX Station is providing a Keynote to drive global interest.
Confirmed partners
Schedule & Format
Production Status
In addition to the communities of our confirmed partners and universities we are targeting:
1. Viewers - Tuning into the livestream, attending a workshop, or watching the content post-conference.
2. Participants - Speakers, partners, and sponsors
3. As far as hard data for "attendees" we have two signals:
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Bitcoin-Friendly Countries

Bitcoin-Friendly Countries
Cryptocurrencies are a new asset that appeared only in 2009 with the first decentralized cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. The authorities of most countries haven’t managed yet how to develop its regulation, but there are already those who have introduced a strict prohibition against digital money, and those who have legalized cryptocurrencies in full.
by StealthEX
Today we prepared for you the list of some of the most Bitcoin-Friendly countries, where blockchain technology is closely intertwining with the life of ordinary people.

The United States of America

From the very beginning, the USA has been one of the pioneers of building the crypto-friendly society. Not surprisingly the United States has the largest number of crypto users and the largest number of Bitcoin’s ATMs in the world.
Today a lot of blockchain startups are working in Silicon Valley like BlockCypher, ThunderCore, Blockstream, CipherTrace, Cryptanna, MakerDAO, Coinbase and many others.


Canada can boast of two cities that are considered as “Bitcoin hubs” Toronto and Vancouver. Cryptocurrency itself is regulated by laws against money laundering and terrorism financing in Canada.
In this country there is a very lively crypto community and many blockchain startups like Decentral, Vanbex Group were launched here. Nowadays thousands of organizations accepting BTC and other cryptocurrencies for payment are located in Canada.

The United Kingdom

The UK is considered one of the world’s leading financial and innovation centers. Therefore, in this country, there are also numerous blockchain-related projects. The United Kingdom is sure that the popularization of a new payment solution is inevitable and now preparing for the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies. Nowadays you can easily order a pint of beer in some local pubs and pay for it using BTC.
Moreover, the Bank of England is closely monitoring cryptocurrency technologies and even asked the public to put forward ideas on how to improve their monetary constitution. Currently, Bitcoin is regarded as “private money”, where VAT is collected in the usual way from suppliers of any goods or services sold.


This country can be proud not only for being Bitcoin-friendly but also for having its own “Bitcoin City” called Arnhem. Here, almost everything can be purchased using crypto coins, including gas, housing, bicycles, and even dental services.
At the legislative level, cryptocurrencies are not yet regulated in accordance with the Dutch Financial Supervision Act, and as a result, numerous blockchain startups and even the Bitcoin Embassy in the center of Amsterdam have occurred.
In addition, the country’s banking sector, including ABN AMRO Bank and ING, is increasingly considering blockchain technology as a way to improve their own system and reduce costs. Netherlands is a regular participant in conferences regarding the development of Bitcoin.


Many people believe that this is the birthplace of the famous Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of Bitcoin. The country is the first and only one that has a proper legal system regulating the trade in digital currencies.
Moreover, the authorities of this country are considering launching Japan’s own national cryptocurrency – digital Yen. Today Japan is of the largest cryptocurrency market.


In February 2018, the Government of Malta decided to support blockchain-related projects, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. That’s why many companies are considering moving to this paradise blockchain-island. At the same time, Malta is one of the leaders in online gaming and there are many implemented projects that connect blockchain technology with the gaming industry.


Sweden is among countries that want to eliminate paper money in favor of 100% digital currency. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) has legitimized the fast-growing crypto industry by publicly announcing Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) as a means of payment.
Sweden is home to numerous blockchain-based startups, including Safello, Starflow, Norbloc, Strawpay.


Historically, Switzerland has always been famous for the level of its banking system and banking secrecy, so it is not surprising that the authorities of this country didn’t prohibit the circulation of digital currencies.
This country has become a kind of “tax haven” for cryptocurrencies. That’s why many blockchain startups started here and organize the headquarters of their business.


This small country is also open to innovative technologies. The government implemented blockchain technology to the healthcare system, banking services and even management, allowing its citizens to be among the first to use municipal and state services via the Internet. With one of the highest levels of Internet penetration in the world, Estonia has a good opportunity to become cryptocurrency capital of Europe.
All the listed countries have demonstrated their hospitality to cryptocurrencies. But of course this is not the comprehensive list and as the crypto community will continue to grow the more countries will be ready to use the advantages of blockchain technology.
We will be delighted to know your thoughts on Bitcoin-friendly countries.
Hit your comments below.
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Eike Batista Arrested on Suspicion of Money Laundering Via Bitcoin

Eike Batista Arrested on Suspicion of Money Laundering Via Bitcoin
Wealthy businessman Eike Batista has been arrested by federal police on account of suspected money laundering, which they believe he achieved by trading Bitcoin (BTC) on his wife’s behalf.
The details of Batista’s arrest were reported by Cointelegraph Brasil on Aug. 8. Prosecutors reportedly found notes indicating that he had traded BTC for his wife, who is not currently being investigated. The Federal Prosecutor wrote:
"Although the suspect’s wife, Mrs. Flávia, is not being investigated, it is quite possible, given the evidence of such a usual means of money laundering that the suspect was using the wife's name and account to ensure concealment of the products or proceeds of crime.”
Batista was reportedly arrested in the course of Operation Midas Secret, which was apparently backed by the TAG Bank owner Eduardo Plass. Fernando Martins, Batista’s attorney, apparently considers this arrest to be illegal.
The Federal Prosecution Service alleges that Batista and his employee Luiz Andrade Correia used one of Plass’s companies "to buy and sell shares in the domestic and international financial markets for the purpose of manipulating corporate assets." The two are also believed to have illegally traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange and committed fraud in relation to MMX, MPX and OGX stock trading.
The Attorney General’s Office further alleges that Batista and Correia illegally traded on underground stock exchanges, and the Brazilian Ministry of the Public said $800 million were transacted illegally.

Batista’s wealth

According to the report, Batista was also arrested back in February 2017. Although he was released just two months later, Batista was accused of getting out of his 30 year prison sentence early by bribing former governor Sérgio Cabral in the amount of $16.5 million.
As noted in the report, Forbes previously listed Batista as the seventh-richest man in the world. In 2012, Forbes further named Batista as the richest person in Brazil, with an estimated net worth of a little under $15 billion. Batista apparently become wealthy in connection with oil, mining and energy operations, as per Cointelegraph’s report.

Money laundering through crypto

As previously reported by Cointelegraph, two men in the United States recently plead guilty to laundering millions of dollars through cryptocurrencies as well as Western Union payments. The two reportedly sold controlled substances through a darknet website in exchange for cryptocurrencies and Western Union payments, which were subsequently laundered and turned into cash.
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The Regulatory/Legal Environment

Hello! My name is Daria Volkova and I am the Head of Platinum Legal Department. Our team believes that these are exciting times for the crypto market. We supported more than 100 clients, created and promoted their STO and ICO campaigns, got from an idea to funding in a matter of 2.5 months! See the full list of our services: We are more than proud to present our education project. The UBAI can help you to learn specifics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Learn all about ICO avenues and opportunities, plug into the world of trading cryptocurrency markets, become an expert in scam projects, promoting ICOs and STOs, launching your own campaigns and many more! What are the different cryptocurrency regulations in major countries? Find the answer after reading this article.
Cryptocurrency Regulations across Major Countries
Cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry may seem sufficiently exciting and attractive to you now. After all, you are taking the time and effort to study this course. You may be planning to work in cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. Of course, we want to encourage you and help you proceed toward your goal. But it is also important you understand the regulations guiding the blockchain industry to help keep yourself out of trouble.
This year, in particular, seems to be the year in which a lot of countries are looking to finally coalesce the regulations relating to the blockchain industry into a workable legal framework. Some countries are more accommodating to cryptocurrency and blockchain technological innovations while others are still more cautious. We will examine how each major country is forming their own regulatory framework for the blockchain industry.
Cryptocurrencies are not considered legal tender in Canada. This was clearly expressed by the country’s Financial Consumer Agency (FCA). Canada, like the US, has yet to clearly define or legislate a framework surrounding cryptocurrencies. But Canada still appears to be among the most transparent of countries for the nation’s interpretation and enforcement of the law surrounding cryptocurrencies (aside from Switzerland). For the time being, Canada has clearly stated its reluctance to adopt cryptocurrency as a legal tender, due to its high volatility. “ “The United States of America (USA)
There are certain laws regarding transactions in virtual currency in the US today but there is still no comprehensive legal framework. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission currently regulates virtual currencies as commodities. The CFTC is the first US regulator to allow for public cryptocurrency trading. The Securities and Exchange Commission requires registration of any virtual currency traded in the US if it is classified as a security (e.g. by the Howey test).
The regulatory authorities have not yet formulated or offered a coherent framework for regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. Typical of most legislators and regulatory agencies in the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has intensified its focus on the pressing need for comprehensive regulation. And it seems everyone is waiting for the right catalyst to coalesce into a usable set of legal guidelines that can protect the investing public and also allow for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation as well.
If cryptocurrency becomes a form of legal tender in the US, there will likely be stringent laws on its use. However, if cryptocurrency is treated like a security, cryptocurrencies would be regulated under securities law as interpreted by the SEC. Present securities laws place a large number of limitations on who is able to buy securities, how they are traded, and how to ensure transparency in the flow of information relevant to investors. Also note that non-US investors may experience their own difficulties getting a license to trade cryptocurrencies in the country. “ “Japan
Japan has always been one of the most positive and forward-thinking nations regarding cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Of course, they were cautious at first, and they knew no more than anyone else in government, which means they literally knew nothing. But they took time to research, learn, and develop an approach to regulate the industry without killing it. The official policy is clear: Protect the public interest, but also encourage the growth of the industry with a legal framework that allows for innovation in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
The situation in China is a sad one. The country has been taking increasingly strict actions to discourage and outlaw any activity related to the blockchain industry. China has banned ICOs, frozen all accounts associated with cryptocurrency, stopped bitcoin miners and even ordered a nationwide ban on all forms of cryptocurrency trading.
China has the strictest laws against cryptocurrency. Yet, despite that fact, as of 2017, 50% of the world’s mining population was from China! If you are involved with the cryptocurrency industry it is strongly advised to stay away from China, and avoid transactions with Chinese business because of the unpredictable and negative legal framework.
“ “The United Kingdom & European Union
Brexit is scheduled to take place in March 2019, yet the UK and the EU still remain united in their regulatory attitude toward cryptocurrencies. There are also reports that the UK and EU are planning to end anonymity for cryptocurrency traders.
The UK and EU are both trying to control all the scams and frauds. They are working with cryptocurrency platforms to stop or at least report all suspicious transactions. This adds a degree of regulatory burden on the exchanges as well as increasing the associated compliance costs. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. They are a high-risk investment. Governments across Europe are greatly concerned about the possibility of both retail and sophisticated investors losing a lot of money.
This has led to a situation similar to that in the US. The regulatory authorities have not yet formulated or offered a coherent framework for regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. There is an intense focus on the pressing need for comprehensive regulation. And everyone is waiting for the right catalyst to coalesce into a usable set of legal guidelines that can protect the investing public and allow for blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation as well. We certainly hope for intelligent and effective legislation from all the major countries. “ “Accommodating & Unaccommodating Countries
Below is a list of countries we have not specifically covered, but they have each taken an active position on a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The following countries are either supportive or at least neutral toward cryptocurrencies:
-Switzerland. -Australia. -Nigeria. -Ghana. -South Africa. -Singapore.
Countries with the most stringent and negative cryptocurrency regulation:
-Venezuela. -South Korea. -India. -Russia.
Did you know?
It is not uncommon to see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATMs throughout Japan.
Exchange robberies and hacks like MtGox, and the recent loss of $530 million NEM coins have led to serious debate in the Japanese government. The industry needs to provide a secure and manageable solution to these problems. Voluntary self-regulation and close cooperation with regulatory authorities is the most favored solution. It seems the regulators are working hard behind the scenes right now leading the industry in the desired direction in typical Japanese fashion. “ “Blockchain Industry Regulations in the USA
Based on the information received from the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review, there was a variety of responses from different government bodies about blockchain regulations. The regulators responses ranged from indifference to suspicion, and to positive expectation and excitement.
The US government has tremendous constitutional power to regulate business and industry, including of course the blockchain industry if it so desires. But basically, the federal government has been relatively indifferent and has even refused to speak on blockchain regulations despite the interest of various federal agencies. As of 2017, eight states in the US were working on bills promoting the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. It is even reported that a few states have actually begun the final steps before voting and passing legislation into law.
On April 3, 2018 Arizona introduced a law allowing corporations to hold and share data on the blockchain. The governor, Doug Ducey, put forward the legislation after the state began accepting signatures and smart contracts recorded on the blockchain as legally valid documentation. In 2017, Delaware was the first state to pass legislation allowing for shares of stocks to be legally traded on the blockchain.
Other notable developments have occurred in the US at the state or local level. Vermont makes use of blockchain as evidence in trials. Chicago uses blockchain to maintain real estate records. New York is currently evaluating four bills for the application of data storage on the blockchain. “ ” Blockchain Regulations in Europe
The entire European Union has approached blockchain with a positive and welcoming attitude. The EU has taken the position that they want to actively encourage innovation. This philosophy could support the development of cryptocurrencies in two ways:
-Encouraging the exploration of uses testing the impact and effect of the laws in a way that allows for a more finely-tuned and sophisticated understanding for all parties involved.
-Giving entrepreneurs the confidence that their target markets will be more trusting of their solution since they are operating with the explicit legal support of the state.
This approach, along with the EU’s scope as the regulator of 28 different countries, will encourage growth across the entire crypto ecosystem, and may end up transforming Europe into one of the most desirable destinations for blockchain development. Entrepreneurs are likely to move to the EU bloc to access the rich vein of available talent, as well as the positive and supportive laws.
The EU has actually disclosed through its executive arm that it is working on the use of blockchain for distributed ledger based projects. EU officials have constantly stated they are looking for ways to support more innovation with distributed ledger technology. The European Commission said it was “”actively monitoring Blockchain and DLT developments”” and has work in progress to explore “”DLT benefits and challenges as well as fields for application in financial services””.
The official press release stated that the commission clearly wants to “”pilot projects to foster decentralized innovation ecosystems and help reshape interactions between consumers, producers, creators and among citizens, businesses and administrations to the end benefit of society””. “ “Blockchain Regulations in Europe §2
Switzerland has gradually become the favored hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain development in Europe. This position has been enhanced through a Swiss non-profit blockchain and cryptographic technology ecosystem known as the Crypto Valley Association.
The Crypto Valley Association has begun working on the development of an ICO Code of Conduct to take advantage of the ban imposed by China on token crowd sales. They are hoping to capture the Chinese and Asian entrepreneurs searching for a new home.
Other countries are not as accepting of this new DLT technology and have even gone as far as classifying it as illegal and immoral behavior. There have been hyperbolic concerns most notably from China that cryptocurrencies will destabilize world financial markets.
There are various pilot projects and efforts to prove the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry currently being tested all across Europe. Yet even now they are barely scratching the surface of the full potential of the blockchain.
Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
Citizens of countries all over the world have varying attitudes about cryptocurrency. These attitudes and sentiments can be very significant to the future adoption of cryptocurrencies because politicians and regulators tend to act in consideration of the collective opinion of the public. Some countries were more accommodating at first but then became stricter, despite positive public interest, basically saying they are still not sure about the possible consequences and benefits of the technology. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
Surprisingly enough this small Baltic nation has gained a reputation for being quick to accept technological innovation. Estonia has a tech-friendly government eager to accommodate the innovative use of cryptocurrency in fields ranging from blockchain technology for healthcare and banking services; and even granting citizens the right to become what is known as “e-Residents”.
As e-Residents, Estonian citizens and businesses are provided with digital business authentication. It is also one of the first countries to employ the use of a blockchain-based e-voting service that enabled people to become shareholders of NASDAQ’s Tallinn Stock Exchange.
This fascinating and highly innovative country is now host to a number of Bitcoin ATMs and startups, like Paxful. They are cryptocurrency friendly, and cryptocurrency user friendly as well. Estonia also has highest internet penetration rates in the world.
Estonia may be a fine place to consider basing your ICO due to the friendly legal and regulatory environment.
This and a lot more you can learn on our website:! “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
The United States of America
The USA is the world’s dominant superpower, and it should come as no surprise that it has the highest number of cryptocurrency users in the world. It also has the highest bitcoin trading volume and the highest number of bitcoin ATMs.
Powered by Silicon Valley, which is home to a lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain startups, the US stands at the forefront of all things relating to cryptocurrency worldwide. Many other nations are planning to follow the US lead concerning cryptocurrency regulations. This means the USA will serve as the testing ground for cryptocurrency and crypto-regulation in the years to come. This is likely where the future regulatory framework will take shape.
Bitcoin in particular has shown massive growth in the US. This can only be interpreted as a strong tailwind for a positive regulatory environment because the population at large supports blockchain technology.
For the moment, due to regulatory paralysis and the resultant legal vacuum, ICOs are strongly advised against raising funds or basing operations in the US. The SEC has been particularly strict in its enforcement of securities and investment law which require an ICO to do an oppressive amount of compliance work. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
When it comes to technological advancements and the standard of living of its citizens, Denmark is among the world leaders. It is considered one of the most developed countries in the world. It is also at the forefront of countries looking to reduce the use of cash money and advance to the use of 100% digital currency. As such, sentiment among the general public and political sphere actively supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. The only question left is which particular cryptocurrency system to adopt. It is still unclear whether bitcoin is the one, or BTC will mainly just be accepted as a means of exchange. There are also discussions in Denmark about when to redesign its national financial system; this would be a “world first”, and a radical leap forward for cryptocurrencies.
Another fascinating thing is that the Danish Central Bank has declared BTC as a non-currency; meaning its use is not subject to the country’s currency regulations. Some of the top bitcoin startups and exchanges such as CCDEK have their foundations in Denmark.
With its open market and encouraging regulatory framework, Denmark might very well rival Switzerland in Western Europe for the position of the continent’s preeminent ICO and blockchain industry hub. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
Sweden is quite similar to Denmark, for its social and demographic climate, and also for the government’s desire to eliminate cash. The Swedish Riksbank recently introduced negative interest rates. This can cause a spike in the demand for coins in the near future as citizens look for the best way to preserve their wealth. Negative interest rates like we have seen in Europe and Japan also, actively corrode savers’ wealth because people are actually paying a percentage of their savings to the central bank to hold their cash, in addition to losing out to inflation at the same time.
Sweden has taken the boldest step yet in all of continental Europe to legalize cryptocurrency. The country legalized the use of BTC and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment by official public declaration. It is however expected that exchanges should file for a license in accordance with AML/CTF and KYC regulations.
Sweden is also home to a number of cryptocurrency startups such as the Safello Bitcoin exchange, and Stockholm-based KnCMiner. The gradually increasing trading volume of cryptocurrency has been a good indicator of the country’s appreciating demand for cryptocurrencies. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
The Netherlands
The Netherlands is quite fascinating in its own right. How can a country not be referred to as Bitcoin-friendly when it can boast about having its own “Bitcoin City”? There are over 100 merchants that sell goods that can be purchased with cryptocurrency in Bitcoin City.
There are no regulations restricting the use of BTC in the Netherlands under the Act on Financial Supervision of the Netherlands. This explains why a lot of startups, BTC ATMs, and even a Bitcoin Embassy can be found in the heart of Amsterdam (the capital of Netherlands).
The friendly climate for cryptocurrency has led to a lot of very active bitcoin communities across the nation hosting regular meetups and other events. The country’s banking sector has been looking to incorporate BTC and blockchain to reduce costs and improve banking technology. The Netherlands is also a popular location for many important bitcoin conferences and bitcoin companies such as BitPay.
The Netherlands is increasingly becoming a prominent place for ICOs and blockchain related businesses to base their operations. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
Well-known as the home of Nokia, Finland has constantly been at the forefront of technological innovation, just like its other Scandinavian neighbors. The Finnish Central Board of Taxes (CBT) has even gone as far as classifying bitcoin as a financial service, exempting it and cryptocurrency purchases from the VAT. What more could be better for Bitcoin?
Finland also boasts a significant number of BTC ATMs despite its small population. The capital of Helsinki alone is reported to have 10 ATMs for BTC. The country is also home to top exchanges such as FinCCX and As of January 2016, the most expensive bitcoin sale took place in Finland. It involved the sale of a Tesla Model S worth over €140,000 at Auto-Outlet Helsinki Oy.
Canada is home to a variety of bitcoin startups and ATMs. It is considered to be more favorable toward cryptocurrencies than the USA. The country has two cities on its eastern and western coasts, Toronto and Vancouver, that are recognized as “Bitcoin hubs”.
Canada has a vibrant cryptocurrency community and is home to startups such as Decentral, the Vanbex Group and a large number of merchants who accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Vancouver is known to have over 20 ATMs while Toronto is well-known for holding large cryptocurrency conferences.
There has been constant growth in cryptocurrency trading volume in the country. Canada might be the best location in North America to base an ICO or operate a blockchain business due to its supportive regulatory environment and a rich ecosystem for cryptocurrency, with human talent, ATMs and other tools, etc. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
United Kingdom
The UK is one of the absolute top financial hubs in the world. It is also a center of innovation. There are a large number of bitcoin and blockchain related startups, BTMs and active communities. All of the previously listed crypto-friendly features make the UK a very desirable environment for bitcoin. The UK has identified the inevitable need for a new payment solution and is gradually bracing itself for a widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in the future. There are even a few local pubs that accept BTC as a means of payment.
It is also interesting to note that the Bank of England has been closely monitoring bitcoin technology and has requested ideas from citizens on the improvement of its monetary system. Bitcoin is presently seen as “private money” where VAT is imposed from suppliers of goods and services that accept cryptocurrency as payment. Profits and losses incurred from cryptocurrency trading are also subject to capital gains tax, just as in the US.
In the UK, it has become increasingly clear that BTC can be part of a bigger story, and the trading volume indicates steady growth. There are not clear laws against cryptocurrencies at the present time. But the lack of regulatory momentum suggests we may see more positive developments soon. One thing to keep in mind, while the Brexit is still in progress, the British government may be more likely to legislate on non-core issues. “ “Country-by-Country Cryptocurrency Adoption
The major banks in Australia have been quite hostile toward bitcoin, but at least the country has removed the burden of “double taxation” on cryptocurrency. This was good news to the local business community because blockchain startups had begun to leave the country as a direct result of unfavorable taxation and closure of bank accounts.
The use of BTC still remains unregulated, there is no law or regulation restricting the use of cryptocurrencies by Australian citizens. Cryptocurrencies are regarded as a form of property in Australia, and purchases with BTC, for example, are referred to as “barter”.
The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), you will remember, is transitioning its CHESS verification system to a blockchain solution that should go live at the beginning of 2019. Cryptocurrencies in Australia are seen a lot like they are in the US. Topics like the imposition of capital gains tax, concern about securities law, the legal debate about using cryptocurrency as payment for goods and services, etc., are all problematic for regulators. While the general population is quite comfortable and supportive of cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions, at the present it is not a high priority for the government to legislate or regulate. “ “Taxation and Cryptocurrency
Tax is of course one of the most important factors in financial matters on both a personal and corporate level. Taxes greatly influence investment decisions and returns, regardless of industry or size. It is one of the first things every individual or group considers before investing. Notably, in Australia and the USA, cryptocurrency gains are treated as capital gains and taxed at up to 50% of the return.
Some countries have low cryptocurrency taxes specifically to encourage the blockchain industry. By offering a more competitive tax rate, countries are implicitly supporting cryptocurrency and actively trying to offer a better return profile than other countries. We will discuss the different taxation regimes in a wide range of countries so you can ascertain the financial advantages and disadvantages of a variety of locations.
Belarus charges 0% in taxation until 2023. That exemption is specifically for cryptocurrency exchanges and transactions. This has been done to help Belarus build a special economic zone, referred to as ‘HTP Belarus’. Their goal is to have an economic zone strong enough to compete with the likes of Silicon Valley.
The government of Belarus has also declared smart contracts as legal documents. Anyone looking to set up a blockchain company or a cryptocurrency startup should seriously consider Belarus. It has a supportive regulatory and legal environment which actively encourages the blockchain industry and does not impose punitive taxes upon those inside the industry.
“ “Taxation and Cryptocurrency
Any and all personal income received from cryptocurrency transactions is tax-free in Portugal at the present moment. Income from cryptocurrency trading is categorized as something legally different from traditional income or capital gains.
The Portuguese government stated clearly that any kind of sale of cryptocurrency does not fall under capital income or capital gain. If an individual is however found to be carrying out professional activity, or any business activity related to cryptocurrencies, that is a different matter and such income will be subject to taxation.
From a personal perspective, Portugal is one of the leading countries where an individual can carry out their cryptocurrency transactions and enjoy a decent standard of living in the same country too. However, for ICO and Blockchain businesses it is not recommended to base your operations in Portugal.
China is famous the world over for being home to some of the largest cryptocurrency mines and many active cryptocurrency investors; yet at the same time China makes it illegal to conduct any cryptocurrency related business or investment.
But China still has an especially attractive environment for investors. Hong Kong runs on a policy of zero VAT or capital gains tax so it is easy to recommend you base your business there. Hong Kong also stands out as a major financial hub in the heart of Asia. “ “Taxation and Cryptocurrency
Actually, Netherlands was the first country to make use of a non-zero tax rate policy for cryptocurrencies. So, it may seem reasonable to expect a discouraging tax situation. But the fact is, Netherland’s tax policy is rather advantageous for cryptocurrency. They have a very simple, low-tax regime.
Cryptocurrency assets need to be declared with the total assets owned by an individual at the beginning of the year to assess their value. Cryptocurrency gains will be taxed at the highest tax bracket for capital income of just around 5%. The Netherlands is strongly recommended as a good country to work and live in, from both a personal and corporate perspective.
Germany is the economic center of the EU. This makes it a great place to start a cryptocurrency or blockchain company. Financial technology has been thriving there for more than ten years, and Germany has favorable cryptocurrency laws too.
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets have a 0% tax when used in making payments due to no VAT levied for making payments with BTC, because there is no “value added” through cryptocurrency as a fiscal product.
Germany offers a moderately compelling case for both blockchain business and individuals. While the tax rate on income at the company level is not competitive, the ability to pay for services in crypto as well as hold cryptocurrency assets and sell them at zero percent taxation rate is compelling. “ “Where to Base Your ICO
Let’s talk about the countries that are most accommodating with regard ICOs. Start-up ICO companies, like any company, essentially require three key principles for operation. The first is a sound legal and regulatory framework wherein the rule of law is preserved and business encouraged. The second is the ability to hire or acquire talented individuals to work at the firm. The third and final is the tax system and access to associated financial systems in order to allow the enterprise to succeed.
This country is, perhaps surprisingly, widely referred to as the most digital society in the world. Estonians are known to be pathfinders deeply involved in setting up an efficient, secure, and transparent internet ecosystem.
The country ranks first when it comes to the number of ICOs per inhabitant. It has an incredibly supportive tax regime, actually among the most competitive in the world, as well as a deep pool of talent across all areas of the digital spectrum. Estonia offers possibly the most supportive and friendly regulatory and legal framework in the world for an ICO. This, in combination with a zero percent tax rate at both a personal and corporate level, combine to make Estonia one of the single most appealing locations from which you can launch and operate your ICO. “ “Where to Base Your ICO
Singapore is another important regional hub in Asia for its strong rule of law as well as low taxation. The country offers one of the highest standards of living in the world. It is centrally located in the heart of Asia, so it easy to travel and recruit talent from surrounding countries. At the present there are not any specific regulations targeting the blockchain industry, but it is one of the world’s largest countries by funds raised for ICOs. It has a competitive tax regime in combination with strict AML and KYC. All of these factors make Singapore Asia’s leading location to launch and base an ICO.
The regulatory situation around the world may seem rather complicated. That is because it is. Laws and regulations are changing rapidly all over the world. And the regulatory framework is the most significant point of concern for a startup ICO. You should carefully study not only the current regulations surrounding your particular venture and how its tokenomics affects its classification, but you also need a reasonable sense of where the country is likely to be six months or a year later. Ideally you would base your ICO in a country that is supportive now, and all timeframes into the future with a competitive and legally sound tax system.
Where to Base Your ICO
Slovenia has recently transformed itself into the leading destination for blockchain technology in Europe. The government of Slovenia has placed a strong emphasis on the study of blockchain technology in public administration, and there has been an amazing success rate for ICOs in Slovenia. While the Slovenian government is a leader in terms of adopting cryptocurrencies, its rate of taxation is still considered quite high at 19%, even though that is still lower than other European countries. ICOs are considered to be normal business activities where you are taxed based on the funds received from an ICO less the expenses of doing business.
Switzerland is trying to remain relevant for the blockchain industry and for ICOs. The Swiss finance ministry is actively trying to attract investors to the country. Switzerland is considered a very important crypto location due to fact it was home to four of the largest ICOs in the world. The country is also very attractive to investors because of its friendly regulations and digital expertise. The taxation and regulatory environment is extremely secure and positive towards the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in general.
Are there successful ICOs that have originated from the specific countries considered? Read the full article to get the answer!
Learn more about our STO and ICO marketing services right now! Contact me via LinkedIn: LinkedIn
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Next leading global conferences and events Hive Project will attend to!


Hive Project's international team of experts are regularly invited to attend leading global conferences and events to share their extensive knowledge and experience about how we are set to revolutionize invoice financing.

Next events

CoinAGENDA Europe

July 15 - July 17, 2018 - St Julian’s, Malta
“Almost 1 year has passed since we won CoinAgenda Global in Barcelona and we have been working hard ever since! It will be a pleasure to present our latest accomplishments to the leading minds and opinion-makers in the blockchain and fintech industries gathered at this year’s CoinAgenda” (Jure Soklic, Hive Project CEO)

Past events

The Crypto Economy 2018

July 6, 2018 - London, United Kingdom
The Crypto Economy conferences were also a chance for Hive Project to catch up with another important figure from our early development, Michael Terpin. Founder of the CoinAgenda conference series, he was instrumental in Hive Project’s token sale success and has been our advisor ever since. It was Hive Project’s victory in Barcelona that helped pave the way to where we are now, and with the upcoming Hive Terminal launch, we took the opportunity to discuss our progress and roadmap with him in more detail.

The Crypto Economy 2018

July 4, 2018 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our CMO Domen Ursic discussing the Hive Project success story with BECON Blockchain director Nils Veenstra at the Crypto Economy conference in Amsterdam! His interview “Fireside Chat: A Year in the Life of an ICO” detailed Hive Project’s journey so far, from an up-and-coming startup, wanting to raise capital through a token crowd-sale, to a globally recognized brand.

WEBIT.FESTIVAL Europe re:Inventing Europe's Future

June 25 - June 27, 2018 - Sofia, Bulgaria
Our team is in Bulgaria, visiting the Webit festival Europe Webit Congress! We are co-creating the future of global fintech industry and we are thrilled to see that financial institutions are following our path.

Money Europe 20/20

June 4 - June 6, 2018 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Our CFO, Ugur, is now in Amsterdam at Money 20/20, attending pre-scheduled meetings and spreading the word about the Hive Terminal!

Fintech World Forum 2018

May 30 - May 31, 2018 - London, United Kingdom

xCEEd Conference

May 22 - May 23, 2018 - Belgrade, Serbia
Ugur Yildirim was a panellist at the roundtable named “WHERE IS THE VALUE POTENTIAL OF DLT DEPLOYMENT IN FINANCIAL SERVICES?”, helping to identify the best practices to date and discussing where financial institutions can look for inspiration. The Hive Terminal ranked high among the topics discussed both on and off stage at this great event in Belgrade, Serbia.

New York: Benzinga Global Fintech Awards 2018

May 15 - May 16, 2018 - New York, USA
Hive Project has taken yet another momentous step towards global recognition as a future fintech leader at the Benzinga Global Fintech Award Ceremony here in New York, with our very own CFO Ugur Yildirim having just presented Hive Project on the grandest of fintech stages.
To quote our CFO, Ugur Yildirim, on stage at the Benzinga Global Fintech Awards Ceremony: “The Hive Terminal is a Bloomberg-like solution that will connect small businesses with investors on our terminal, helping them get the liquidity they need.”

CONSENSUS 2018, 4th annual blockchain technology summit

May 14 - May 16, 2018 - New York, USA
Meetings were held with liquidity providers and we also presented the interactive demo of the Hive Terminal to the trading desks of several institutional investors. Ugur also met with cross-border payment system companies to explore partnership options. In terms of the business, we could not be better positioned now, and our time in New York has already had a lasting impact.

BBA 2018

May 14 - May 15, 2018 - Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Our Platform Lead, Gal Jakic, speaking about Hive Project and our invoice financing solution at the Balkan Business Analysis Conference 2018 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia, our first target market.

Community Ethereum Development Conference

May 3 - May 5, 2018 - Toronto, Canada
Meetings were held with liquidity providers and we also presented the interactive demo of the Hive Terminal to the trading desks of several institutional investors. Ugur also met with cross-border payment system companies to explore partnership options. In terms of the business, we could not be better positioned now, and our time in New York has already had a lasting impact.

BlockSplit: International conference for blockchain business & development

April 27 - April 28, 2018 - Split, Croatia
From an award-winning ICO to a global brand - a strategic communication overview!

The Fifth International Conference Sinteza 2018

April 20, 2018 - Belgrade, Serbia
Our CTO, Dejan Jovanovic, was invited to attend this prestigious conference in Belgrade, Serbia. The conference is the go-to event for academics, researchers, and industry professionals presenting new research on all practical and theoretical aspects in the field of ICT and their applications in a range of business and research fields. Dejan was asked to present his expertise on blockchain and disruptive systems.

World Blockchain Forum: Investments & ICOs

April 16 - April 17, 2018 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hive Project CMO, Domen Ursic, is visiting Dubai's World Blockchain Forum, discussing the future of industry with some of the brightest minds in the business.

2nd Global Fintech&Blockchain China Summit 2018

April 12, 2018 - Shanghai, China
Our co-founder and CTO, Dejan Jovanovic, will be a panellist on a discussion titled “How to Empower Yourself with Insight to Find Future Unicorn in Today’s Various Blockchain Projects”. Dejan will take this opportunity to go into more detail about the role to be played by Hive Project in the future of the global fintech industry, and precisely why we are set to revolutionise the way small businesses get liquidity.


March 27 - March 28, 2018 - Zurich, Switzerland
With over 2,500 in attendance, Crypto Summit brought together global influences, policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs to lead an open dialog and shape the future of crypto. With Jure Soklic, Ugur Yildirim and Domen Ursic all there, we were able to maximize the number of meetings we held and continue to push on.


March 22, 2018 - Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
After Token2049 ended, we were invited, as the only fintech company past the ICO stage, to present our success story to Hong Kong’s flourishing blockchain community at the EuroBlockShow event. The crowd was thrilled by our long list of accomplishments — from winning at CoinAgenda Global to delivering our DEMO platform and getting such important business deals in place so early in our development.


March 20 - March 21, 2018 - Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
The largest digital asset event in Asia, TOKEN2049 was packed with over 1,000 attendees, and the meetings we had there promise to yield great rewards once we have our platform launched.

Dan mojih financ

March 13, 2018 - Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Our objective is to change the way invoice financing is done, and we can only do that if we deliver the best product, and with the best business strategy to back it up. We have consistently delivered on all our milestones and, despite punishing and unrealistic deadlines, we intend to continue matching these high standards. The only way to do that is to remain laser focused on what matters — the product itself!" (Jure Soklic)

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

March 1, 2018 - Istanbul, Turkey
"I was caught in the elevator by a journalist from 2100 News, and so took the opportunity to bring the Turkish and global public up to date with what we’ve achieved." (Domen Ursic)

Digital Finance World

February 28, 2018 - Frankfurt, Germany
We were among the leading names in German and global finance, old and new, to discuss the future of blockchain in the industry. We were also of course pleased to note that many agreed with Ugur’s prediction that we would be the market leaders in our field within the next 5 years!

The Future of Money & Technology Summit

December 4, 2017 - San Francisco, USA
"Our development team has been working around the clock to provide small businesses around the world with a solution for their liquidity needs — and we have shown that we mean business. Not only have we met another milestone, we are going one better and over delivering on our promises! It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce that the demo version of the Hive Project Platform will be ONLINE for small businesses, investors and our powerhouse community to see on 21st DECEMBER!" (Ugur Yildirim)
"We have now agreed on the full integration of our platform into the system of a leading regional ERP — covering the Central and Eastern Europe region and, in our view, the most exciting piece of news so far — RUSSIA! This mind blowing partnership will fully automate access to our platform for SMEs in the region and give SMEs the option to get funding for their invoices with just a few clicks." (Ugur Yildirim)

CoinAGENDA Global

October 24 - October 26, 2017 - Las Vegas, USA
Just 3 months after winning CoinAgenda in Barcelona, we are back among other world-class experts and cryptocurrency founders, executives and traders. And it gives me a great pleasure to unveil our PROOF OF CONCEPT — a huge step forward in transforming invoice financing and creating long-term value for our contributors.

CoinAGENDA Europe

July 16 - July 18, 2017 - Barcelona, Spain
We are happy to announce that Hive Project won the ICO and Startup Competition at CoinAgenda, the Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors’ Conference in Barcelona.
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Toronto Daily - Jan 9th 2018

Welcome to the Toronto Daily Thread.

This thread serves two purposes:
1) To collect and make visible new posts in smaller Toronto based subreddits.
Feel free to visit, comment and be generally helpful in posts indexed below. Please also remember to stay on your best behaviour when travelling outside of /toronto.
2) To act as a general off-topic conversation hub for the day.
To that end, use this thread to talk about whatever is on your mind, regardless of whether or not it's related to Toronto.
No matter where you're posting, please remember to be excellent to each other.


Post Title Author Comments
Dating ideas in Toronto/Scarborough Notsomehh 2
Recommendations of social/hobby groups? ChickenKiev91 1
Signing a 1 year lease - does it automatically go month to month, or can the landlord cancel it after one year? tvalue 5
Gyms downtown? Wildfire_08 5
Why do streetcars take passengers before the stop? deskfromikea11 10
Discovery Channel Show "Exhibit A" Secrets of Forensic Science S maskingagent 0
Re: TTC Fine - "Case Not Found"? franchetoast 7
Where to buy Kitchen Stuff mrkdwd 11
SQL courses-where to learn/take? gabrielescobar416 6
Never had a pro massage before, want the experience, what am I looking at in terms of price? 647 10
Niagra to Montreal clpsince1987 18
Looking for advice on student loans. dagdafrench 1
Why are there flowers and candles at Berczy Park? Imsadurmad 1
Are GTA companies hiring candidates by proximity to work location more recently? mdsherwo 4
Freedom mobile to public mobile thebigofan 6
Need to rent a live turtle (5-6 inch size) for a photo shoot.. where to go? BakedOnions 5
Is Toronto Community Housing Good Or Not? motonokia1998 2
Best way to find dates in TO? youdownvoteme 4
I've Never Had Fish. What is the best place to try some? SaysSimmon 18
Anyone know the busker in the Spadina NS/EW transfer hallway on Friday night who was playing / riffing around the Game of Thrones opening song? howlahowla 1
does anyone know of an affordable cellphone plan for two (2)? laurettaeloise 7


Post Title Author Comments
I'm looking for someone who is awesome at python and dealing with APIs to help me scale up my cryptocurrency trading bot. Zero risk, lots of upside potential. justarandomusernam3 0
Have you ever heard of Hartley Hunt Recruitment Agency before? Is this scam? fukahachiru2 1
We found 40 new Toronto job fairs for the week of Jan 7, 2018 petersnewjobs 0
TransCore Link Logistics Careers Tech-Truck-01 0
[Hiring] Multiple Roles at Tech Startup Company thinkoninc 0
Ontario Minimum Wage is $14.00/h as of Jan 1, 2018 TCES 0
Best places to apply for internships in Toronto? Summer 2018 heyhooooo12 1


Post Title Author Comments
Friday Jan 12th, the #1 Dirty Comedy Show in Canada: The Dirty North @ Comedy Bar sponsored by Fleshlight jjliberman 2


Post Title Author Comments
Selling a Oculus Rift Consumer w/ controllers - $450 ZaraJuliana 0
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STEM on the blockchain — Edusphere

SKYQUARK’s Edusphere


Based on the mentioned list of challenges, it is observable that there is a substantially increasing demand for decentralization in academia on a global scale. According to Forbes, The Washington Post, and The Economist, technology innovation can convert the global education sector into an industry worth US$4.6 billion to $6 billion. The innovative revolution of the education sector has only begun. The potentials are immense and worthwhile to invest in.
What will Edusphere/Skyquark offer?
Provide an innovative learning experience for students and professionals across countries via an online live education platform. Skyquark will combine its network of top university professors with the platform with blockchain and smart contract integration. Point-to-point payment with digital currencies can eliminate the middle man and save unnecessary fees.
Independently construct a STEM education system by inviting Masters/Doctoral students to teach on the Edusphere platform (with future cooperation from local education departments) to provide live online lessons. The lessons will be delivered in class sizes around 2000 students. Contents of the lessons will be refined into knowledge points ensuring easy grasp of concepts by the students.
By providing a platform for scientific journal & research papers to realize their value, authors can approach individual or institutional investors on the ecosystem’s platform (Edusphere) to quickly convert research results into commercial products.
Publishing & exchange of science & technology research papers within the ecosystem. By hosting regular online roadshows of science & technology start-up projects, we can provide crowdfunding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurial individuals and groups.
Four platforms of the Skyquark ecosystem: Knowledge Payment Learning Platform, IP Token Creation Platform, Science & Technology Project Crowdfunding Platform, and Research Paper Publishing Platform

Skyquark’s founding team and technical staff primarily consists of exerts in Big Data and have provided blockchain application solutions as well as research & development for the Government of China.
Our company will establish ourselves in the education and technology industry in North America by utilizing local resources and talents to construct a technological innovation ecosystem involving STEM education, with our independently developed solutions such as blockchain intellectual property (IP) protection.
Our official website:
• Holder of multiple intellectual properties in scientific data analysis. Proficient in real-time processing and analysis of unstructured data. Multiple years of experience as Big Data architect responsible for the design and management of international Big Data projects. Expert in the building of Hadoop Big Data programs, application of cloud computing platforms, as well as interfacing of scalable data. Holder of Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Yokohama National University and double Master’s Degrees from State University of New York (SUNY).
• Launched two successful start-ups in North America and has deep research in the vertical integration of blockchain technologies. Over 15 years of executive and project management experience in several international corporations. Current vice-chairman of the Guizhou Blockchain Association. Master’s Degree in Business Management from Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and Bachelor’s Degree in International Industrial Trade from Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Launched a Blockchain R&D start-up with a focus on data analysis and increasing crypto mining efficiencies. Launched a successful International Blockchain Consulting & Brokerage company. Active Business Development Consultant for several Blockchain start-ups. Solid foundation in Education- focused IT sales. 5 years experience working with top Education Executives to completely overhaul their IT ecosystems. Implemented Education-focused hardware and software solutions that are proven to empower Teachers & Students. Diploma in Business & Entrepreneurship from Fanshawe College.
• Successfully developed and deployed multiple web technology and blockchain systems. Expert in blockchain technology, web system technology, and finance. Well versed in designing use cases and incentive models of blockchain technology in multiple industry sectors. Former senior researcher at Blackberry Ltd. And CTO at CoolByte Inc. Master’s Degree in Finance from Peking University, Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Zhejiang University.

We will develop APIs at the data import layer to interface with PC and mobile data collection devices. After initial processing and sanitization, the data will be sent to the data storage layer. Data-generating smart devices such as PCs and mobile phones can interface with Aristotle chain, rendering the reported data immutable. Meanwhile the data collection devices can help identify ownership of the data and help owners realize benefits of the data exchange.
At the data storage layer, collected data will be stored on the Aristotle chain. Aristotle chain will ensure data privacy under the premise of maintaining the completeness and correctness of data. Aristotle chain will also provide token circulation and issuance services, in order to support the operation of the incentive mechanism of the entire ecosystem.
At the data processing layer, we can utilize data sanitization, data mining, and data analysis on trusted data stored on Aristotle chain to process and discover internal relations in the data itself, enhancing value during the process.
At the platform level, Aristotle Chain applications can be developed using the collected data. Potential applications include but are not limited to: STEM education platform, IP token creation platform, science & technology crowdfunding platform, knowledge payment platform, and research paper publishing platform.
Aristotle Chain supports the implementation of access control features. This ensures that only authorized individuals and groups can access the platform or to submit and use available services on the platform.

There exists several well-known companies providing online learning experiences, such as Cousera, Khan Academy, EdX, Codecademy, FutureLearn, XuetangX, Udacity, etc.

We have launched the first STEM education platform integrated with blockchain intellectual property protection and education certification.

Our social media pages:

Telegram community

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Vault Announcement: Unlimited trading for some, increased fees for most

Announcing Our New Unlimited Trading Plan
Trade as much as you want, without worrying about fees. Visit Vault of Satoshi on Tuesday, February 18th to experience a new way to trade. With our Unlimited Trading Plan at just $99.00 a month, you'll be able to execute an unlimited number of trades, without paying a cent in per-trade fees. Your trades can be across any cryptocurrency, including the newly popular Dogecoin, and in US or Canadian dollars.
We think is an exciting revolution in trading, and will open up the doors to trading strategies that just aren't possible when you're paying for each trade individually, so visit us next Tuesday and join the unlimited trading revolution!
Who let the Doge out?
We did, that's who. What started out as a bit of a joke is now the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the world, and we're believers. Dogecoin is now available for live trading on the Vault, along with 3 other new digital coins: Feathercoin, Primecoin and Quarkcoin. Get it (or sell it) while it's hot.
100% Uptime
That's right: 100% uptime since we launched in November 2013. Boom. Despite many other exchanges going dark, halting withdrawals, or otherwise failing, our systems have proven able to weather tides that others just can't, and we have plans to continue to optimize our systems to ensure the best possible experience. Charts!
One of our most requested features, charts, are now live on Vault of Satoshi! We intend to make these the most comprehensive and detailed charts on any trading platform, and help you find the best opportunities to buy and sell with new innovative tools. We've got a lot around the corner for you!
Updated Rate Schedule
30 Day Volume / Trade Fee
0-$5000 / 1%
$5000-$25000 / 0.9%
$25000-$50000 / 0.8%
$50000-$100000 / 0.7%
$100000-$250000 / 0.6%
$250000-$500000 / 0.5%
$500000-$1000000 / 0.4%
Over $1000000 / 0.3%
With the addition of four new digital currencies, a new unlimited trading plan, and crypto-to-crypto trading capabilities (very soon!), it's time we update our fee schedule. Our fees have always been competitive, and we intend to keep them that way! But they've been out of date relative to all the new currencies and features we've been bringing on board, so we're updating them to be based on equivalent USD value traded. The new schedule can be seen below and becomes active at the same time as our Unlimited Trading Plan, on Tuesday, Feb. 18th.
New Deposit Methods and EFT
We're always looking for alternative and easier ways for you to get your cash into and out of the Vault. We're pleased to announce our new bill payments program for Canadians, which allows you to deposit into your account without even leaving your seat. To complement that on the withdrawal side, we're pleased to announce the immediate availability of EFT withdrawals!
Next up, we're just about to add support for instant PAD's (pre-auth payments) to get money form your bank to our vault INSTANTLY.
Lastly, we've also got onsite Interac deposits at our Brantford office, and plan to extend that program to Downtown Toronto in the near future. Next stop: THE WORLD.
Next Time on The Vault...
Over the course of February and March, we'll have a lot of exciting announcements to make. Here's a sneak peek at what's around the corner for VoS: Coin-to-coin trading -- no more pesky fiat required! Authy two-factor authentication More coins -- Mastercoin and NXT Market orders, and shorting if you're lucky Multilingual support -- Parlez-vous français? Mais oui! More user interface improvements -- you can never be too pretty Generally, more awesomeness to come If there's any specific features you'd really like to see, please visit our Facebook page, or our subreddit and let us know! We rely on our users to make us better. We're lazy like that. Just kidding, we work really hard every day to make VoS the best it can be for you!
Don't forget to check us out next Tuesday for Unlimited Fee-Less Trading! We look forward to seeing you at Vault of Satoshi.
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(ANNOUNCEMENT) BITRACE INVESTMENTS is in process of launching its ICO for a major property development of tunisia racing formula 1 city.

BITRACE INVESTMENTS is in process of launching its ico for a major property development of tunisia racing formula 1 city
London / Tunis, 2nd January, 2018 – BITRACE Investments Ltd (the "Company" or "BITRACE")is pleased to announce that it is in process of launching its ICO Initial Coin Offering to raise a part of the funds needed to debut the construction of TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY.
Bitrace Investment Ltd. the funding vehicle of the major 500 Million US$ development project: TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY that consists of building a Formula 1 integrated circuit and other sports and commercial facilities surrounding the circuit i.e. Golf Course, Shopping Mall, 3 Hotels, International Exhibition Center, residential area, commercial area and much more.
The development is on 300 Hectares beachfront property, situated between Yasmine-Hammamet and Ennfidha International Airport in Tunisia with a realistic initial total value varying between 375 Million US$ to 750 Million US$ when the construction of the project commences.
The BITRACE ICO Calendar is as follows:
05 January 2018 – 15 January 2018: Registration 25 January 2018 – 25 February 2018: ICO Pre-Sales 25 February 2018 –25 March 2018: ICO Sales
We invite you to visit our ICO Web Site:
to download and read our Whitepaper:
and watch our ICO Video:
About BITRACE INVESTMENT LTD BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is a British investment company based in London, UK, which is a member of KJ Holdings Corp.
The company is in process of developing the Tunisia Racing F1 City project, this project consists in building an integrated sports compound including a Formula 1 Track surrounded by top-class hotel and recreational units: (Total Assigned Land: 300 Hectares) in Hammamet, Tunisia.
BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD has also succeeded to finalize a deal with Margarete’s Beauty in Toronto Canada to kick-start the worldwide promotion and marketing of LaBelle & LeBeau Franchise Beauty Salons to allow its investors (BITRACE Buyers) to purchase the Franchise products and services using BITRACE Tokens.
BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD has succeeded to finalize a deal with BDSwiss Holding PLC, to allow its investors (BITRACE Buyers) to Trade Shares, Indices, FOREX, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies with CFDs, using BITRACE Tokens.
BITRACE INVESTMENTS LTD is also planning to perform few acquisitions i.e. a Tour Operator, few Holiday resorts and introduce the payment using BITRACE within Tunisia, North African countries (Maghreb States) and southern Europe.
71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden, WC2H9JQ London, United Kingdom Email :
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[Table] IAmA: We are Adam, Mike, Ryan, Angelo and Ken of Vault of Satoshi (Canadian Bitcoin Exchange) AUA! And Raise Money for Cancer Research!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-08
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
How does your company plan on staying competitive with other local exchanges coming out? Any plans on making an app? The company was started by Mike and Ryan, crypto-enthusiasts who saw problems in the marketplace when dealing in cryptos. They wanted an exchange that had a strong support team, legal visibility, operated somewhere where you could trust your money and had strong security - so in short they built it! We expect really big things for VoS and do indeed intend to be competitive with other exchanges, and yes, that does include building an app - we're currently exploring options in that field but we feel it crucial to take our time in doing that and put security first.
Why is it important for bitcoin companies to donate to charities? Or people to donate with cryptocurrency? Just wanna say thanks for being in the btc community and helping it grow and spread it around. Is there a lot of pressure on you now that you got your MSB? Any pressure from banks or government on how to behave? As for Charity we just feel its the right thing to do, I've always been a strong supporter of charities in my daily life and I brought that forward to VoS and the team agreed it made sense to gather up some funds for the Canadian Cancer Society given that April is their big fundraising month. On a grander scale I think it's important for cryptocurrencies to play a positive role in the world, let people know what we are all about, there is a lot of negative stigma about cryptos, some people say it's just kids "printing money", but it's a lot harder to say that when you're positively changing the world!
There's not any more pressure on us now than there was before - in fact I would say the MSB has taken some of the pressure off. We instead hold ourselves to the same laws and scrutiny as any financial institution would have to, and we feel this is best for our users and this sector as a whole. Getting the MSB let us know we had done everything right so far, and being in a new and evolving industry it's not always too clear if you're taking the right steps. The MSB is a checkmark that says "Hey you guys are as legitimate as you say you are" and we'll continue to hold ourselves to what ever rigorous standards we can (even when we don't need too). As far as external entities like Banks and Government - I think they are happy to see we have our MSB, I think it makes them more comfortable with the field in general and more willing to work with us. We recently met with our Member of Provincial Parliament and are setting up meetings with our Member of Parliament, and our Minister of Finance so they can see our operation here! The MPP certainly loved what we've got going!
That was a fast reply. Thanks for the response, you guys always been good with customer service :p . And thats great Mike and Ryan stepped up to be the ones to do it, it's a really much needed addition to the Toronto bitcoin scene. Oh man if Timmies was a payment I don't think Canada would need cryptocurrencies at all! Timbits everywhere! We love Tim Hortons - we usually start our Monday's with group coffee and donuts! So we are never opposed Timmies if you are dropping by for a visit :P (Compliance disclaimer: Timmies is not a valid payment method, just a staple at all Canadian meetings)
We also feel the importance of charities, especially with the nature of the bitcoin community always being a giving one. I hope you guys see good results n help the bitcoin image. We want to come visit you guys sometime, do you accept Tim Hortons as payment? :p.
The charity that you are donating to, do they accept btc or will you be converting it to fiat? We'll be convert it to Fiat.
Any plans on an Android app? We are looking into this, no formal timeline, but we're certainly exploring it!
It would be great if the volume would increase, can you comment on what is the strategy for getting more costumers? We are actually making a big push this spring in regards to our volume, including launching a highly competitive affiliates program that expect will grow our volume a great deal.
Any chance on improving the charts? (Or being included in bitcoinwisdom) We're always happy to take feedback on our charts, let us know what you want to see! As for Bitcoinwisdom, we've reached out to them multiple times, and added all the API support they need - just waiting on them to hopefully add us!
It currently takes ~3 days to get funds added to the balance, I presume that is mostly for security and because banks suck, are there plans to reduce this waiting time? We're looking at adding instant online debit transactions, no formal timeline on that yet but we are sure it will be great for our customers!
Glad SonOfAragon asked those questions so I don't end up repeating them and thanks for your reply Adam. However can you give us an idea of when you plan to launch the affiliates program/make the big push? If I sign up for an account, I'd probably want to beat the rush. We're actively working towards our affiliate program and our intention is to have it sometime this spring!
As someone who is completely ignorant of all things internet currency. can you please tell me how a beginner would go about getting into investing? (Lets say I have $10k of disposable income currently, would you suggest investing it all in bitcoin?) Hey Buildingdreams4,
That's a pretty hard question to answer, and so I can't give you an official Vault of Satoshi answer but I can give you a personal opinion. So please note this is my two cents and nothing VoS official.
Personally I have some experience in day trading and that's the best way to make money in such markets - however that's the kind of situation where you have to take risks, actively watch the market and only ever trade with what you have to lose (not only to avoid loss but also to make sure you are willing to take the level of risk needed to make strong returns.) I'd highly recommend learning about Forex trading before you dive into this.
That being said the Bitcoin community still feels strongly that their currency value will rise, subject to merchant adoption, legal/political landscapes and a number of other factors but I can't really comment on that as it is a real challenge to predict; there is also a great deal of merit to a number of altcoins with unique value - but just make sure you research and make informed decisions. Don't take anyone's advice at face value (mine included) research and invest where you feel comfortable.
What does vault think about VOS bitcoin atms? What can we do as customers to help you guys make this site better? As far as what customers can do - simply share the love! Tell your friends about VoS and always feel free to reach out to is with what you want to see on our site.
What about a physical location for vault deposits and verifications? We are currently examining new infrastructure opportunities that would allow us to accept physical deposits in more locations and we hope to have more information about that soon!
How does your reporting with with CRA? As for the CRA reporting I'm not sure what your exact question is, but as a registered business we report to the CRA in a typical fashion.
Is there any way to shorten deposit times? I'm super impressed that I can pay you like a bill directly from my bank account, but I'm bummed about how long it takes. If I send money to my vos account on a Thursday, I may not see those funds until Monday or Tuesday. If the exchange is open for trading on weekends, how about processing deposits as well? Hey Jay.
Also, what is done with the confidential info people upload to become verified? is it deleted? if it's kept on file, is access to it restricted to certain employees? We're currently working on a system that will allow immediate deposits via online debit! No formal time line yet but that will indeed make things much quicker!
Keep up the good work! Thank you. As for confidential information, if you have ever made a financial transaction on our website then we are required by law to keep a copy of that information. We take this responsibility very seriously, this information is encrypted and stored securely and is most certainly restricted access!
That's cool! Awesomesauce! I'm looking forward to it! Do you know if it will be limited like QuickBT (.2 BTC) or if there is some kind of daily limit? Also: when trading doge to btc I swear it took me half an hour to figure exactly how many doge I could buy with my btc including the fee. And I did it all wrong. I still have like .00066 btc left in my account which I guess is forfeit to the ether... Is there any way to put a helpful calculator on that page that figures it out for you??? As for your other question, as Xangelo said, we are working on improving the layout of our coin to coin system to make it less complicated. Being one of the first major exchanges to offer any coin to any coin means there is going to have to be some tweaking while we find out what the marketplace likes! But we're always open to feedback!
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses? Please elaborate. Feel free to answer individually. If there is anything that years of video game playing has taught me it's always pick the bigger monster over a ton of little ones! A hundred duck sized horses could quite quickly surround and nip and kick from all angles. Where as I feel that whilst a horse-sized duck would be absolutely terrifying my odds are better as I can always keep it in front of me (and perhaps distract it with breadcrumbs)
Also do you guys have any plans to change the buy/sell mechanic? I find its way too easy to accidentally make a buy order when you meant to make a sell order. As for the buy/sell mechanic it is something we are actively implementing and expect to launch in a couple weeks! Will make it easier to keep that straight!
My question: To be honest I've been using CaVirtex.How* would you say yours is better? We stand by our service as we are sure they do theirs, but at the end of the day it's about what better suits your needs. At the end of the day competition makes the market better for everybody!
Specifically, I would like to know what the nature of their cooperation and level of engagement is. Do they provide VoS with the absolute minimum of services as they would with any other business? Are they accommodative to specific VoS needs and requests related to crypto-currency specific challenges? Are they mutually active in developing services and infrastructure to support VoS/crypto-currencies? Are they taking a leading role in facilitating the necessary changes to support this new industry and growing public demand? Are you provided with a liaison to facilitate a closer working relationship? That being said when we did work with them they were fantastic, very supportive, and loved our business; the local branch went to some great lengths to help with our unique challenges and we certainly hope we can work with them again in the future.
Thanks for the reply! I feared as much having read about Cointrader in Vancouver being cut off by BMO in February. If I can follow up, how are your banking needs currently being met? We're currently actually streamlining our financials and will have more announcements on this soon. New partnerships are opening up doors to new payment methods and currencies and we're excited about that.
Are you planning to offer other services with altcoins? or you want to keep it solely as an exchange? We are exploring services beyond just exchange services - but we have no formal timelines on them yet! We'll be sure to let folks know!
Are you operating a full or fractional reserve and how much liquidity do you have available if tomorrow all clients wanted to withdraw all their funds? We are a full reserve exchange. We do have our holdings divided between our hot and cold wallets and top our hot wallet as it gets low. But we do have all the BTC we claim to and are actively working on a Proof of Solvency tool to verify this to users.
Which altcoins do you see as strongest going forward? Anything that has a unique value proposition and a strong community has the ability to go places but it's pretty hard to gauge these in advanced. We expect great things from the coins we've added/intend to add over the next month, which have all been announced.
Good to know Yubikey's available, thanks xangelo. Maybe one of your execs can chime in on the qualifications needed to join your verification team but that has me wondering...if a customer opens an account with VoS, can they still be hired, then close their account of course, or is that an automatic disqualification? By the way I didn't see a careers section on your site, are there plans for that once volume and I guess revenue increase? Just because you have an account with us, does not mean that you would be barred from applying for a job.
Currently we don't have any openings but when we do we'll be posting them to our website and all current positions would be located at our Brantford office.
Our verification system was designed by our exec team and our compliance officer and aided by our legal team; and our support staff handle the verifications. (Wasn't sure what you meant by "verification team") as for requirements for any opening, we'll be sure to post them with up coming jobs! Thanks for your inquiry though!
Thanks for clearing that up, I appreciate your thoroughness. Yes sorry, I was just speaking about FinCen to someone else before replying to this. I did mean Fintrac and I've edited the post!
I don't want to draw this exchange out too much but what puzzles me is your statement about FinCen compliance. If you're currently not accepting US customers, why would FinCEN compliance even be relevant? Let's say a customer lives in Canada. Wouldn't you simply have to comply with FINTRAC regulations, seeing as that's an a Canadian agency? And one other thing. Does Vos report transaction details to the CRA to meet fiscal obligations? As for CRA reporting I can not comment on that, however we follow all legal requirements of a financial institution dealing with proper reporting.
How does the US IRS deal effect things on your end? did this announcement open the door back up for USD wire transfers? The IRS statement actually doesn't change to much for us, FinCEN and other entities still consider it as currency - we're still actively looking into US options and moving forward on some with our legal team.
Do you see cryptocurrency status changing in Canada as a result of the US ruling? Do you have any indication of the direction that the bureaucrats will take? We have met with our Member of Provincial Parliament, are meeting with our Member of Parliament and are having a meeting with the Minister of Finance arranged to continue to advocate on behalf of cryptocurrency in Canada.
From everything we've been hearing, we're optimistic about Canada's role in the future of Cryptocurrency, people have been very forward thinking and accepting here!
Disapointed you're getting ride of the free cash-out by cheque. And do you plan to have some sort of automated EFT withdraw ? you allready have my bank account into. Write now it would seem simpler to move my BTC to cavirtex when I'm ready to make a withdraw to my bank account, as I can do it from the website. What am I missing here ? thanks. We are rolling out a number of new payment methods shortly that will make withdrawals easier for our clients.
Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA. You were my first exchange, and gave me a warm welcome to the world of Cryptocurrency (free trading through Reddit promo, invited me for Doge cake) I've actually had the pleasure of talking to some reps from the MintChip program - we kept a careful eye on it but I know that the Mint is selling it off to private enterprise. While it is in a different space from us we are always looking at the evolving landscape of digital money and what can be done to promote that in Canada.
I was going to ask about your stance on MintChip, the Canadian government's digital currency program, but I just read they were looking to sell it off! Has there been any interest at Vault of Satoshi about this technology? While I don't think there is any direct partnership opportunities at this time it is always something on our radar and I think that MintChip was an interesting hardware development and it was great to see a federal institution being so forward thinking!
Can you tell us when and if you'll be able to operate as an exchange with USD? We currently do accept USD, we just can't accept it from US citizens or institutions.
That being said we are glad to announce we have identified our US re-entry strategy and are moving forward to launching in a few states first. We have no formal timeline on this yet, but it's a big step in the right direction.
Quick question, if in the future I choose to close my account with VOS, will all my info and history also be deleted from your servers? As per government regulations if you have ever made a financial transaction we are required to keep your information on file for seven years.
If you have not made a financial transaction you may email us with a request to delete your information. Please note that the request will be kept on file.
Hey guys, Are there plans to incorporate google authenticator? Thanks and keep up the good work! User we already support Google Authenticator, YubiKey, SMS, and Email for 2FA and will be adding Authy and Gemalto soon!
Is your $99 per month Unlimited Plan in USD or CAD? Please state it on your website. It is currently billed in USD as that's more widely accepted with our international audience.
When will Darkcoin, Worldcoin, Mintcoin, Cryptogenic Bullion, and Maxcoin be added? Those coins will be added in the next few weeks! We're pretty excited about that!
Hi there! I have a level 2 VOS account. I'm not really comfortable filling out the form for level 3. Currently I have to use QuickBT or an ATM to get BTC - which sometimes I turn into DOGE. (THANK YOU FOR ADDING BTC<->DOGE! you guys are lifesavers!!) We're actually working on adding an instant online Interac payment system, still no formal timeline but it's in the works. As for email transfers from BMO, BMO has come out and said they aren't working with businesses that operate in cryptocurrencies and so we can't accept funds from them on anything that would require us to have a BMO account or registration there. But, we can accept Pre-authorized debit and wire transfers from accounts there! Also feel free to email me about any concerns you may have about the level 3 account and I'll see if can't reassure you! (
Just wondering why there is no support for an Email Transfer from BMO. Or online Interac payment, as that's the only reason I use QuickBT.
Would you rather fight a horse-sized duck or a hundred duck sized horse. I prefer horse sized ducks! What a kamikaze!
Don't be so sure. YES! Take that Angelo! Horsefish!
'disabled login' Another word, the exchange is down. I've been trying to login and access my funds for the past 5 hours. We're back up now!
No need to be alarmed though people; this is just a result of VoS being pro-active with patching up the latest SSL security bug (heartbleed). Ah yes, that is indeed a side-effect of the patch. While our systems weren't directly effected a load balance server hosted by Amazon would have been so to be better safe than sorry we've got them patching it and we are rolling over to new SSL certs! Always better safe than sorry!
I can see your exchange being the top exchange in Canada. Great work! I will come up to brantford one day after my exams and bring you guys some timmies, depending on the weather it could be coffee or ice caps, or just let me know ha :) As for the UI we're currently giving it an overhaul on our internal servers and hope to have more info on that soon!
I know it's not much but I just sent 6000 Dogecoins :) Every bit helps :)
Whats the yearly revenue and profit of your company? Sorry, as a private company we are going to abstain from answering that one - but even if we wanted too, we couldn't; we've only been around for six months so far!
Last updated: 2014-04-12 19:27 UTC
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