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SCAM found on Indeed in Calgary (Watch out for this company folks)

Hey gang,
I applied for a warehouse position for a posting under the name "Jessica Dale" that advertised $21/hr. Received an email a couple days later from Jessica Dale - Mazur Global Solutions Inc. saying that there was a position as a "Cash Handler" available which is remote. The job description was basically depositing and exchanging money into cryptocurrency for this company. $21/hr, remote work, $30 - $150 bonuses, it sounded too good to be true. A quick google search of this job description pulled up a bunch of threads indicating this is a scam, it seems like this same company (based in Saskatchewan) has been changing its name and continuing scamming people this year.

Here is the scam company website so you can see:
Here is a thread from Calgary earlier this year detailing the same (or similar) scam.
And a comment from that thread detailing how these scams work:
This is how it works
-They hijack someone's banking information and email transfer you money from it.
-You withdraw the money and deposit it at s crypto ATM
-you send them the money anonymously
In the end, they convert money they steal from someone's account to crypto. Once the person initiates a fraud alert on their account, they'll trace where the money went and withdraw it from your account unless you can without a shadow of a doubt prove you didn't steal it yourself.
Honestly, it's pretty smart because it would be harder to track the real thief than its worth.

Anyway just thought I'd throw this out there in case there is anyone who is on the job search like myself!
I'm going to try and report this on Indeed, however the job posting has been removed so I'll do my best to figure it out.
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Optional Community Recovery Initiative for Affected Users

April 16th, 2020:
Happy New Year! (January 3rd, 2020):
Latest news (December 25th, 2019):
New update (November 20th, 2019):
Affected user survey (October 25th, 2019):

I’ve spent the last 6 months putting together a plan to fix this mess.
I want to see cryptographic proof of solvency as a standard so we can trust that exchanges are at least presently solvent, ensure the lessons and memory of Quadriga can continue into the future, and see a community-led recovery effort where we can eventually get back what we lost.
My name is Matt. I’ve lived in Calgary my whole life, and been running businesses and programming since I was 10 years old. I’m a recent graduate of the University of Calgary in a business and computer science double major, and I currently manage the software team (6 students) at a small Calgary IoT startup. My past business experiences include running a window cleaning franchise across 6 communities, a popular concession stand, and a free web hosting service with over 10,000 clients.
I first got involved with cryptocurrency in 2017, when we had the big run up. Prior to that, I’d done a ton of research but never actually invested. While my losses in Quadriga are significant, they’re nowhere near some of the losses I’ve been hearing about. I’m fortunate to be in a “walk away” position if I so choose and I more or less did for the first week. But I couldn’t stay away. It isn’t right. Especially not now when the solution is so close and the potential impact is so significant.

Here is the plan that I’ve put together:

Stage 1: Pre-Claim Process

Right now we have a massive problem even determining what was lost, an essential step in any recovery.
The official committee has made it clear that privacy is the number one concern, and they are implementing a special process so loss information stays private. This is great if you want to take your payout and move on and forget everything, but makes it basically impossible to validate losses if you want to do anything else. It leaves us in a situation where anyone with basic Photoshop skills can modify paperwork to pretend they lost whatever, and any court processes to determine the legitimacy of losses are extremely expensive. I’ve proposed a number of simple solutions, including publishing hashes of the loss data, but so far nothing has been approved.
At the moment, the E&Y website has the balance information, and while that’s online we have a unique opportunity to use it to validate what was lost. I don’t know how long this website will stay online, but it provides a nearly perfect solution, enabling saving a copy of the loss data that can be validated against later, providing certainty that claimed loss amounts on the platform are legitimate.
The process to save your balance (pre-claim) requires only the client ID and first name. An email address is also collected, which is used to contact you when we are ready for stage 2. You are free to use a forwarder email address that doesn’t personally identify you. Just keep in mind the final launch could be many months away.
Anyone who has a lost balance in Quadriga and wants to participate can set up a pre-claim at
The secondary purpose of this stage is to confirm interest in the program. An arbitrary minimum goal would be 1000 affected users and $3m in losses (still <0.5% of affected users).

Stage 2: TxQuick Token Program

Many of you have heard of Ethan Burnside and TxQuick. Ethan lives in Vancouver, lost more than me in Quadriga, and was already working on starting an exchange. If you haven’t yet, I recommend checking out his thread where he explains a debt token program he had proposed to run in the early stages of this process. Had it happened, we could have avoided all the expensive bankruptcy as well. ($2m and counting.)
Ethan is extremely experienced and has a highly qualified team backing his project. He’s proved his integrity in 2013 when his BTC Trading Corp platform was to be shut down, and he spent his own personal funds fighting to keep it online long enough that customers could withdraw their funds. Ethan is very much in favour of transparency and publishing cold wallet public keys so customers of the exchange can actually validate the solvency themselves.
Ethan and I have been chatting on Telegram since he first showed me his proposal, back in the early days when I was trying really hard to build up an exchange under a similar model. He’s still very keen on helping out here. He sees this as a tremendous opportunity to establish his exchange. We’ve spent many hours discussing potential solutions.
Under the latest proposal, the TxQuick platform would handle KYC/AML and process bankruptcy paperwork so affected users can prove their losses and receive tokens. Each token represents $1 CAD lost, and I’ve proposed that tokens be accepted at face value towards trading fees, structured as a price segment so it actually increases profitability of his exchange and speeds up the recovery. Other customers to the exchange can save money on trading fees by purchasing the tokens off victims at a discount. In addition to the platform to form the basis of the recovery, I feel that Ethan is going to make great waves on the exchange industry by publishing cold wallet addresses to prove solvency. My hope is that through the effective promotion of his exchange, this can become a standard.
In order for this to happen, the TxQuick platform development must be finished, there needs to be sufficient interest in the program, and the proposal needs to make it through the TxQuick board of directors. These aren’t guaranteed, but nothing here seems unreasonable.

Stage 3: Token Marketplace/Competition

To speed up the recovery and expand beyond TxQuick, I’ve proposed that partnerships could be established with other businesses to accept the tokens at face value as well. This enables the right businesses to promote themselves and improve their reputation by accepting tokens towards products and services. The idea is that businesses would create deals using the tokens that are better than normal, in order to assist with the recovery and promote themselves.
An example deal might have 20% of the price accepted via tokens, a promotion which forms an effective price segment, maintains the value perception of the product/service, and functions as a perpetual promotion for the business. It means affected users or those who purchased tokens on the exchange could use them like cash towards 20% of the purchase. Businesses would be free to create whatever promotions they like as long as tokens are accepted at face value.
Tokens recovered by each business are burned to an address that encodes the URL of the business, encoding the total amount recovered by every business on the blockchain. A website would be set up with a leaderboard to promote and rank businesses, which creates a useful place for anyone with tokens to shop, and a big incentive for businesses to accept more tokens. This creates an open system where anyone can assist with and benefit from the recovery as a business or consumer.
In order for this to happen, there needs to be a sufficiently large body of consumers with the tokens, initial matching businesses need to be found, and a simple enough process needs to be established for businesses so the program can grow organically.
These are my ideas. If you like them and want to participate, you can set up a pre-claim at

For more on our initiative, check the posts at /QuadrigaInitiative.

I’m happy to answer any and all questions. Thanks so much for reading!
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Is this job a scam?

I applied for a job at indeed and got a email back. It states I’ll be getting paid $20/hr for being a cash handling assistant and is a work from home job. The company is called Indgate Software Solutions, and I’m suppose to receive money then withdraw cash from bank account. Then exchange the cash using crypto currency atms. Please let me know if this seems fishy. They said they’ll be paying me via e transfer and that this job is on a probationary period.
UPDATE: After talking to non emergency, they confirmed it was a scam. Everyone please be careful and do not work for this company. I want this post to come up with people type the company name on google. I would like to thank everyone in the comments and the Calgary police for potentially saving me hundreds of dollars.
UPDATE: As of November 6th, 2019 they now go under the name of RIVTEK Software Services.
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Understanding the Leaderboard/Recovery

On Wednesday we launched the leaderboard page.
While our exchange partner pushes the envelope in terms of transparency and we’ve had a hand in helping to shape that, it’s a simple concept that people understand, and nothing there is anything less than common sense. People are used to the previous model of not asking to see cold wallet addresses or any proof of proper fund management. They accept that model because they don’t know what’s possible and they can’t see the problem until the entire system breaks down and everyone loses their funds.
A decentralized marketplace which builds value for affected users with every transaction is a new concept, as is the precursor leaderboard. What we are doing has not been done before. When things are new, they are hard to explain and be understood. People accept the bankruptcy as the best possible outcome because they don't see any better outcome. I hope this post will help.

My background (those who don’t know me yet):
My name is Matt. I’ve lived in Calgary my whole life, and have been running businesses and programming since I was 10 years old. I’m a recent graduate of the University of Calgary in a business and computer science double major, and I currently manage the software team (6 students) at a small Calgary IoT startup. My past business experiences include running a window cleaning franchise across 6 communities, a popular concession stand, and a free web hosting service with over 10,000 clients.
I first got involved with cryptocurrency in 2017, when we had the big run up. Prior to that, I’d done a ton of research but never actually invested. While my losses in Quadriga are significant, they’re nowhere near some of the losses I’ve been hearing about. I’m fortunate to be in a “walk away” position if I so choose and I more or less did for the first week. But I couldn’t stay away. It isn’t right. Especially not now when the solution is so close and the potential impact is so significant.

The challenge:
Here’s how I’ve defined “recovery”:

Basic concepts:
Value is created in an economy by businesses. By their very definition, a successful business takes inputs of less value and produces outputs of greater value.
All people have economic power, by way of choosing which businesses to deal with. The larger the group, the greater the economic power if they act collectively.
Numerous businesses have expressed an interest in assisting with the recovery, and they definitely have an interest in reaching us as consumers. The larger the group that acts together, the more economic power and the faster we can create a recovery.
Every stage of this plan is a “win-win”, where all parties involved benefit. It has nothing to do with the bankruptcy, other than using that to determine losses.

Consumers: Let’s say you:
It’s super easy to set up a scam website. One can just copy a legitimate website and change the name, or build their own seemingly legitimate website. Then, all one does is take the ordepayment or a deposit and not give the promised product/service. With crypto, the consumer has no recourse, unless through legal means. The scam walks away with their money. When enough people complain, they just rebrand and repeat.
Since anyone can say anything on a website, having a way to verify the reputation of a business is an important tool for consumers. We’d like to be able to enable small businesses to start effectively and reduce barriers to entry (so we can have a vibrant crypto economy that enables small businesses), while at the same time, we can’t have a scam business with no reputation getting a lot of sales (ie scamming a lot of consumers).
There is a niche market of consumers who wish to spend cryptocurrency and/or deal with crypto-friendly businesses, because they believe in this future. There is also a market of consumers who were affected by various cryptocurrency scams or feel close to the issue, and so they’d like to help victims recover through their purchases. The desire to support small businesses is a considerable trend, as is deal shopping.
Offering a central portal/listing of crypto friendly businesses is a great tool for consumers to use when trying to find a place to do business. The present alternatives are a few posted lists I could find in Google and businesses that advertise themselves on Google. There really isn’t any sort of feedback/review metric on Google nor indication of reputation (except for brick and mortar stores in Google Maps) and the lists I found only had very large/notable businesses.
If a consumer uses cryptocurrency, it’s very challenging to find a crypto-friendly and reputable small business. Their best alternative is Googling, and Googling, and then Googling reviews, and then Googling more reviews, and then trying to make a guess if those reviews they Googled are legitimate customers or some sort of bots/trolls/paid advertisers. This takes a lot of time, and time is the most precious resource that anyone has. We can make this massively easier for consumers by having every business in one list, and letting real verified customers create/compile reviews to put together a useful ranking.
The flow for participating consumers is pretty simple. They:
If they don’t want to buy/use the tokens, the market is still an amazing tool to find reputable businesses, saving time and reducing scams or problems. They would just pay full price. The tokens are only used if they want to save money (and help affected users in the process).
While of course we aim to protect all consumers, it isn’t a guarantee. It’s just - better than any present alternative that they have, if they want to deal with crypto. There are tons of fiat alternatives (largest being Amazon or Ebay), so this is a niche market targeting specific crypto consumers as identified. It also has some elements of Groupon in the deal aspect, without a lot of the negative effects for businesses. While Groupon is focused on deal-building, we are focused much more on relationship-building. Our listings are based on the “business” instead of the “deal”. While Groupon targets brick and mortar restaurants, our key business market would likely be online service businesses or niche product businesses, with a focus on crypto/technology products/services and resources that small businesses may need/benefit from.

Businesses: Let’s say you sell a product/service, and you:
Marketing is an ongoing challenge every business faces. They are always looking for ways to get their brand, products, and services seen and used by more people. A growing number of businesses in Canada are experimenting with, or interested in, accepting cryptocurrencies, and this is expected to be a growing trend as time moves on.
A centralized portal for crypto friendly businesses in Canada gives an easy place for a business to engage with potential customers. Since the listing process doesn’t cost anything, and only requires a banner and deal in support of fraud victims, it’s a pretty straightforward decision. Of the businesses I talked to, almost every one of them likes the idea of being able to help fraud victims just by offering a deal. As the portal grows, more businesses will want to be a part of it.
Once we work out all the integration challenges, the easiest solution for the business involves secret promotion codes, which apply at checkout. It’s something that a business can set up in under a minute per deal, and leave up and running. More technically-capable businesses can take advantage of the full ERC20 token integration to accept more complex deals directly. As time goes on, a number of these solutions can be set up and integrated into third party checkout systems, making it super easy and flexible for many more businesses to participate.
As the leaderboard fills up, it becomes competitive. The new business can easily gain reputation for themselves by accepting the first batch of clients/customers at a generous reduced price, having the difference payable in tokens. It brings in customers to get initial reviews and feedback (building a reputation), while still honouring the full worth of their services. The difference goes directly into reputation/ranking as tokens are accepted and benefits affected users. Because the tokens are based on CAD discounts, it isn’t restricted to payments in cryptocurrency and fiat customers can understand/use the deals too.
As the business reputation/ranking grows, they have full flexibility to adjust the discount, while still benefiting from previous reputation/generosity. If sales are slow, add a bigger discount. If they speed up, set it lower. The whole time, it’s a price segment and customers who deal directly (often more interested) can still pay full price. With an active market, businesses near the top have an incredible degree of control, and can essentially drive whatever they need to fill capacity and/or maximize revenue. (It can function similar to Air Miles in this respect.)
Proceeds from the deal go directly towards supporting affected users/fraud victims, so it isn’t wasted, and furthermore, customers are “paying the same total”, just as a split between CAD and tokens, providing better value perception than a normal discount. There really aren’t a lot of disadvantages for businesses, other than integration complexity and that they need to offer a deal of some sort. Any profitable business that’s building value in the economy should have a decent profit margin to pull from. Otherwise, they should work to increase this by building a strong competitive advantage for themselves, find ways to optimize their process, or switch industries.
Business can list themselves for free if they offer any sort of token discount, even a tiny discount on one product/service. We just need a 728x90 banner with the business, products/services, and the deal/discount (“XX% payable in tokens”). Rankings are in the following order:
In order to create a really useful service, we have discretion to remove any businesses which are deemed fraudulent, illegal, or not family friendly. Otherwise, businesses generally remain on the list with their rank as long as they offer any kind of deal in support of affected users. As more businesses join, we can offer categories and better searchability.

The rough steps/stages we have ahead:
  1. Building up an initial example leaderboard of 7 businesses. These are real businesses, but the deals are only tentative, meaning we are still sorting out the integration, the deals could end up changing, and there is no committed timeline. Once we have the initial list, we can start promoting it as an announcement, and build up some buzz for the deals, generosity, and recovery. Affected users can “see” that there are real businesses wanting to help out, and other businesses can “see” what kind of deals their competitors or others are offering. The number one objection affected users want to believe is that no business cares about them or would participate. In my discussions with real businesses, nothing could be further from the truth. There is considerable uncertainty about the future of this, many businesses want to wait until we have things set up, and businesses have difficulty with integration given their own limited resources! However, interest is definitely there. We will continue to simplify the concept, and we will keep talking to more businesses.
  2. Continue our focus on affected user onboarding. We need to get 1,000 affected users/email signups or the token project doesn’t launch. One would think that having a free signup with almost no information needed and working hard for 8 months to try to help affected users would be enough, but the damage to trust runs deep from Quadriga and nothing like this has been done before (so completely unproven and all skepticism is justified). Once the leaderboard is up there are a mix of strategies (some and not all will be used):
    1. Aim to get in podcasts, newspapers, media, etc…There are a number of these underway. Past experience shows that a generous percentage of all affected users are interested and will sign up.
    2. Emailing out the mailing list of affected users who so graciously provided their emails to Reddit earlier in the process, seeking their feedback.
    3. Engage and build a stronger community from those affected users we have, try to get word of mouth. If each affected user signs up 3 people, it’s a massive push.
    4. Set up the leaderboard to reward based on “voting”. Businesses send traffic to the leaderboard, and if those visitors do a “vote” (fill out a captcha to prove they are human) then the rank increases for that business.
    5. Put together videos on YouTube.
    6. Put together articles on Medium.
    7. Continue to network with Twitter. (Apparently the top platform for crypto.)
    8. Attempt to create more useful content on Reddit.
    9. Onboard/integrate more businesses, building up the list further and each one builds up the movement.
    10. See if we can get big name assistance. That includes notable affected users, any famous crypto celebrities, or key businesses/brands.
    11. Adding a feedback feature to the website. Focusing on improving the usability.
    12. Check if there is any way to work with government or other industry bodies, all of which have an interest in seeing the happily resolved.
  3. At this point, the next step would be a partner exchange launch. The launch can happen regardless if we hit the previous goal, however the claim process and tokens are not going to happen unless we hit the 1,000 sign-ups. (This was our deal with Ethan.) So there is potentially some delay here where we have an exchange and not enough affected users to move forward with the launch. I have the feeling that a real cryptocurrency exchange launch announcement will be pulling in some “on the fence” affected users and hopefully at this point we are close to our goal. The exchange has a compelling value proposition of its own - as it’s the only Proof of Reserves exchange in Canada. Even though many cryptocurrency traders like the “wild west” and don’t understand what the issue is since they haven’t been scammed yet, those days are numbered and those traders will get burned eventually. We are targeting those who prefer not to lose their funds. Our target market has either been burned or are close enough to someone else who got burned to avoid the notion that they are somehow immune to it. We prove proper fund management, because you or anyone else can take a look right on the blockchain using Proof of Reserves. We'll be building simple interfaces to prove reserves exist, are owned by the exchange, and include your balance. Or you can go with the competitors and have no clue where your money is. (If you’re lucky a third party audit at some point.) We believe the best way to keep traders safe is to have as many eyes as possible on the funds in the reserve.
  4. Now, we have a system of various feedback loops, all working in support of one another:
    1. If affected users sign up for a claim, they’ll register on the exchange to prove it. Some of them will end up using the exchange and checking the marketplace.
    2. Users of the exchange will increase the profitability, and add demand for the tokens (accepted as a discount on the exchange). This will, in turn, build confidence among all players in the system and other affected users. Past networking efforts have failed due to a degree of skepticism. Once affected users see some recovery and a valid exchange, the equation changes dramatically and people can start referring one another. (The laws of arbitrage would dictate that this should spread quickly.)
    3. All of this builds buzz around the leaderboard, and we bring in an increasing number of businesses. The competitive ranking drives even more traffic into the system, furthering everything else.
  5. From here, we launch the leaderboard token competition, integrating the first businesses to start accepting tokens. We can now start to get some real feedback from consumers and an organized list. This adds in more processes:
    1. Businesses have a greater incentive to offer better deals and promote the initiative, driving more consumers into the system, who will ultimately be more likely to engage with other businesses.
    2. Consumers join the exchange to get tokens, and help to overall increase the profitability and demand for the tokens, as well as spreading the word.
  6. To speed up the recovery, we can work to build up sales through the marketplace, by:
    1. Integration with third party payment processors, so they can accept the tokens and process these on behalf of businesses.
    2. Attracting bigger name brands into the system, and follow up with businesses which expressed interest but aren’t part of the system yet.
    3. Building up the review mechanism for businesses, giving valuable feedback for businesses, and making transacting safer for consumers.
    4. Serve as an “incubator” for new businesses, providing a community of support, access to cheap products/services they need, and easy access to a wide Canadian marketplace to help them launch.
    5. Consistently working with consumers and businesses to gather feedback and identify how we can build further value.
  7. As we near the recovery and start running out of tokens (aka success after a really long and hard journey), we can launch similar initiatives against the growing number of other mass-scale scams, and these will benefit from many of the same group of businesses and consumers. We would have a preference for cryptocurrency exchange fraud cases, and target more of the ones where victims lose all or a large chunk of their money. Each of these scams acts sort of like a “franchise”, using the same model with a different/new token and recovering funds for a new set of victims, and each time gets easier as we build on the past success. I suspect many businesses will accept all the different recovery tokens interchangeably, although that will be up to their discretion. Each leaderboard/token would operate separately, with a high degree of connectivity.

A bit on the tokens:

Current status:
We are more than half-way through getting the initial list of 7 partner businesses. We have 4, including our partner exchange, a couple of other businesses from our team, and our first ever business outside our team. Although we launched the leaderboard page to help explain the concept, all the businesses will remain secret until we get to 7. We plan to have this as a sort of “Christmas present”/"holiday surprise" for affected users.
We also continue to work towards 1,000 affected users/email sign-ups on the site. Friends/family can also sign up if they want to help out - it just has to be a real person signing up and interested in what we are doing!

Signup is 100% free, takes a couple of minutes, and has no impact on your bankruptcy claim:
Email-only is fine for our 1,000 sign-up goal.

Please let us know your thoughts or any questions/comments!
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  242. TwoSentenceHorror
  243. cavetown
  244. LucidDreaming
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  249. LifeProTips
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  253. gifsthatkeepongiving
  254. Magic
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  256. Roku
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  258. hypnosis
  259. FORTnITE
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  268. FastWorkers
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  271. politics
  272. TheOnion
  273. worldnews
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  627. Conservative
  628. Screenwriting
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  665. Piracy
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  898. SS13
  899. Judaism
  900. RimWorld
  901. college
  902. bindingofisaac
  903. Sikh
  904. ExplainLikeImCalvin
  905. hearthstone
  906. Rainbow6
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  936. clep
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  938. BoneAppleTea
  939. mythology
  940. woooosh
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  942. Panera
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  960. truerateme
  961. WatchPeopleDieInside
  962. rant
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  1000. badMovies
  1001. mallninjashit
  1002. Buttcoin
  1003. thesuperbowl
  1004. Atlanta
  1005. savageworlds
  1006. fermentation
  1007. seriouseats
  1008. Truckers
  1009. cafe
  1010. iamveryculinary
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  1012. tea
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  1014. The_Wilders
  1015. WeWantPlates
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  1018. whatsthisbird
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  1020. Pizza
  1021. Skookum
  1022. badparking
  1023. GWAR
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  1040. messwithtexas
  1041. conspiratard
  1042. PanicHistory
  1043. SteamController
  1044. GunsAreCool
  1045. witcher
  1046. Sovereigncitizen
  1047. stopdrinking
  1048. zen
  1049. PixelArt
  1050. shittyaskreddit
  1051. ProgrammerHumor
  1052. IGN
  1053. earwax
  1054. Anxiety
  1055. BSG
  1056. IWantToLearn
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  1058. SmarterEveryDay
  1059. youtube
  1060. Spanish
  1061. Bloodstained
  1062. Cosmere
  1063. DolphinEmulator
  1064. Bandnames
  1065. death
  1066. dragonquest
  1067. UrbanFantasyWriters
  1068. urbanfantasy
  1069. blurb_help
  1070. weirdwest
  1071. blogs
  1072. redditisfun
  1073. Virginia
  1074. DnDGreentext
  1075. lfg
  1076. switcharoo
  1077. securityguards
  1078. AskLE
  1079. Games
  1080. cosplay
  1081. newtothenavy
  1082. lmhc
  1083. CCW
  1084. FreeKarma4You
  1085. askphilosophy
  1086. writingCollaborations
  1087. writingColaborations
  1088. lonely
  1089. pinkfloyd
  1090. StanleyKubrick
  1091. coaxedintoasnafu
  1092. EDAnonymous
  1093. EDanonymemes
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  1095. rupaulsdragrace
  1096. TwoXChromosomes
  1097. penpals
  1098. selfimprovement
  1099. amiugly
  1100. TheReportOfTheWeek
  1101. TomAndJerryMemes
  1102. TMJ
  1103. starwarscomics
  1104. Hull
  1105. dyspraxia
  1106. InstLife
  1107. StoriesByGrapefruit
  1108. SpotifyPlaylists
  1109. CatsNamedToothless
  1110. ACRebellion
  1111. FuturamaWOTgame
  1112. Tenagra
  1113. gameofthrones
  1115. APStudents
  1116. USC
  1117. uofm
  1118. BelmontUniversity
  1119. nyu
  1120. Theatre
  1121. acting
  1122. StopGaming
  1123. ucla
  1124. musicals
  1125. UniversityOfMichigan
  1126. Northwestern
  1127. playwriting
  1128. singing
  1129. uchicago
  1130. scifi
  1131. Gundam
  1132. fuckthesepeople
  1133. StardustCrusaders
  1134. fireemblem
  1135. ShitPostCrusaders
  1136. misleadingthumbnails
  1137. StrangerThings
  1138. sbubby
  1139. DMAcademy
  1140. DarkMatter
  1141. rpg
  1142. ihavesex
  1143. chernobyl
  1144. projecteternity
  1145. startrek
  1146. MisreadSprites
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  1158. AlternateHistory
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  1161. security
  1162. FlavorsOfBleach
  1163. reddeadredemption
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  1166. mrbungle
  1167. gwent
  1168. GalaxyS8
  1169. asoiafcirclejerk
  1170. darksouls4
  1171. thalassophobia
  1172. OTMemes
  1173. bloodborne
  1174. writerchat
  1175. 1Cat1Chair1YrApart
  1176. writingVOID
  1177. dogsong
  1178. readerchat
  1179. Megaten
  1180. kpophelp
  1181. tolkienfans
  1182. lotr
  1183. godot
  1184. WorldOfYs
  1185. Diablo
  1186. Metroid
  1187. atlantis
  1188. Daggerfall
  1189. zelda
  1190. Xenoblade_Chronicles
  1191. CamilleMains
  1192. gamemaker
  1193. Maya
  1194. ProPresenter
  1195. ZBrush
  1196. techtheatre
  1197. valve
  1198. tomorrow
  1199. australia
  1200. Geelong
  1201. WarhammerChampions
  1202. dosgaming
  1203. russian
  1204. Hematology
  1205. rstats
  1206. RStudio
  1207. ukpolitics
  1208. lancasteruni
  1209. electronicmusic
  1210. EDM
  1211. TruAnarchy
  1212. arabfunny
  1213. dataisugly
  1214. AnarchyChess
  1215. shittyaskscience
  1216. Anarchism
  1217. ShitRedditSays
  1218. outside
  1219. SelfAwarewolves
  1220. InternationalDev
  1221. math
  1222. trap
  1223. LegalAdviceUK
  1224. ChristianUniversalism
  1225. bestof
  1226. rtms
  1227. transgendercirclejerk
  1228. WormMemes
  1229. eroticauthors
  1230. firstworldproblems
  1231. YouShouldKnow
  1232. fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu
  1233. Mommit
  1234. WritingHub
  1235. DarK
  1236. SimplePrompts
  1237. unintentionalASMR
  1238. typewriters
  1240. FocusRS
  1241. fireTV
  1242. MeatlessMealPrep
  1243. recipes
  1244. pittsburgh
  1245. vegetarian
  1246. 1200isplenty
  1247. motorcycles
  1248. TuckedInPuppies
  1249. bingingwithbabish
  1250. circumcision
  1251. zizek
  1252. ifyoulikeblank
  1253. animecirclejerk
  1254. boltsoccer
  1255. iosgaming
  1256. TheArmory
  1257. TestingRange
  1258. destroyautomodskarma
  1259. Stjordal
  1260. tabletennis
  1261. PokemonPlaza
  1262. Nimiq
  1263. robotics
  1264. TheLabourPartyUK
  1265. writingdaily
  1266. violinist
  1267. simbot
  1268. Sitar
  1269. AppleWatchFitness
  1270. dubai
  1271. MySingingMonsters
  1272. biblereading
  1273. Dateline48Hours
  1274. CarAV
  1275. BuffHydra
  1276. hyptoheicla
  1277. Recruitment
  1278. IHopeYouDieSlowly
  1279. flappygolf
  1280. mechanicalpencils
  1281. BoundaryBreak
  1282. Nokia
  1283. feckingbirds
  1284. gramps
  1285. eliaszjm
  1286. CryptoWorth
  1287. Agario
  1288. WorldWar3Community
  1289. plebflair
  1290. Netflix_jp
  1291. GarlicMarket
  1292. Mydaily3
  1293. automodspamtest
  1294. Lexus
  1295. running
  1296. DraftEPL
  1297. youtrip
  1298. Frontend
  1299. DebateEvolution
  1300. businessanalysis
  1301. survivalheroes
  1302. PRAllStars
  1303. Cruise
  1304. ethdev
  1305. MrLove
  1306. CryptoCurrency
  1307. LesbianActually
  1308. georgeharrison
  1309. NavCoin
  1310. solvecare
  1311. IsTodayOppositeDay
  1312. LitecoinCashMarkets
  1313. MemriTVmemes
  1314. SkrillexDev
  1315. pesmobile
  1316. RMTK
  1317. DisneyPlus
  1318. disciplineplanned
  1319. AgeofMan
  1320. corporatesim
  1321. afkarena
  1322. TestSubReddit_
  1323. Sovreignty
  1324. Droplet_coin
  1325. datasets
  1326. PokeMoonSun
  1327. mogeko
  1328. pan
  1329. CODZombies
  1330. Vanced
  1331. collapse
  1332. yumenikki
  1333. Lightbulb
  1334. deadcells
  1335. HotlineMiami
  1336. CPUCS
  1337. scoobandshag
  1338. Skullgirls
  1339. TrueDeemo
  1340. katawashoujo
  1341. dontstarve
  1342. killingfloor
  1343. theydidthemath
  1344. swordfighting
  1345. Fighters
  1346. DDLC
  1347. KingdomHearts
  1348. FATErpg
  1349. morbidquestions
  1350. BatmanArkham
  1351. TheStoryExperiment
  1352. RepostHallOfFame
  1353. redditrequest
  1354. HiTopFilmsCirclejerk
  1355. pcmasterrace
  1356. DC_Cinematic
  1357. Beatmatch
  1358. DJs
  1359. ContemporaryArt
  1360. TheAdventureZone
  1361. whatcarshouldIbuy
  1362. HildaTheSeries
  1363. badhistory
  1364. adventuretime
  1365. classicalfencing
  1366. Fencing
  1367. Portland
  1368. TrumpNicknames
  1369. DnD
  1370. webfiction
  1371. webserials
  1372. massachusetts
  1373. CapeCod
  1374. freelanceWriters
  1375. travel
  1376. uofi
  1377. pagan
  1378. SuicideWatch
  1379. renfaire
  1380. TameImpala
  1381. Bastille
  1382. neuroscience
  1383. happycowgifs
  1384. the1975
  1385. lorde
  1386. GodofWar
  1387. wolfalice
  1388. DavidBowie
  1389. formula1
  1390. WriteWithMe
  1391. creepypasta
  1392. scarystories
  1393. batman
  1394. Business_Ideas
  1395. StoryWriting
  1396. FanFiction
  1397. camphalfblood
  1398. dcuonline
  1399. venting
  1400. Spiderman
  1401. transformers
  1402. ZooTycoon
  1403. rct
  1404. comicbooks
  1405. Xcom
  1406. dragonage
  1407. Knife_Swap
  1408. EDCexchange
  1409. thedivision
  1410. AskPhysics
  1411. ReadingFantasy
  1412. TheDivision_LFG
  1413. AnthemTheGame
  1414. fnki
  1415. PinkFloydCircleJerk
  1416. Muse
  1417. LetsTalkMusic
  1418. RWBY
  1419. beatlescirclejerk
  1420. RogerWaters
  1421. beatles
  1422. underratedsongs
  1423. u_SiggetSpagget
  1424. Slazo
  1425. shortscarystories
  1426. Infuriating
  1427. Songwriting
  1428. tf2memes
  1429. pyrocynical
  1430. UnexpectedMulaney
  1431. findasubreddit
  1432. DunderMifflin
  1433. lionking
  1434. iamveryrandom
  1435. extremelyinfuriating
  1436. aves
  1437. MonsterProm
  1438. piercing
  1439. deaf
  1440. GotG
  1441. drawing
  1442. flicks
  1443. makemychoice
  1444. DreamInterpretation
  1445. genesysrpg
  1446. JaneTheVirginCW
  1447. whatsthatbook
  1448. crazyexgirlfriend
  1449. NameThatSong
  1450. happy
  1451. HPSlashFic
  1452. HPfanfiction
  1453. ACPocketCamp
  1454. harrypotter
  1455. brooklynninenine
  1456. iZombie
  1457. 6teenfans
  1458. oban
  1459. shield
  1460. TellTaleBatmanSeries
  1461. glasgow
  1462. BSL
  1463. PersonOfInterest
  1464. telltale
  1465. Scotland
  1466. ArtCrit
  1467. comics
  1468. OutOfTheLoop
  1469. shittyreactiongifs
  1470. GalaxyNote8
  1471. GCSE
  1472. bulgaria
  1473. theydidntdothemath
  1474. ShouldIbuythisgame
  1475. Steam
  1476. RealmDefenseTD
  1477. EmpireWarriorsTD
  1478. popheads
  1479. titanfolk
  1480. Journalism
  1481. bobdylan
  1482. snes
  1483. BernieSanders
  1484. unitedkingdom
  1485. martialarts
  1486. sex
  1487. mountandblade
  1488. BDSMAdvice
  1489. eating_disorders
  1490. autism
  1491. selfharm
  1492. trans
  1493. loseitnarwhals
  1494. ftm
  1495. Writing_exercises
  1496. confession
  1497. HardToSwallowPills
  1498. confessions
  1499. fiction
  1500. u_SentientScribble
  1501. Writeresearch
  1502. ancientgreece
  1503. ArmsandArmor
  1504. HistoryWhatIf
  1505. JapaneseHistory
  1506. ChineseHistory
  1507. mushroomkingdom
  1508. AskScienceDiscussion
  1509. PS4Deals
  1510. biglittlelies
  1511. GreatXboxDeals
  1512. cyberpunkgame
  1513. HomeNetworking
  1514. ancestors
  1515. yakuzagames
  1516. RebelGalaxy
  1517. cemu
  1518. DQBuilders
  1519. YAlit
  1520. RatchetAndClank
  1521. YAwriters
  1522. wacom
  1523. visualnovels
  1524. digitalnomad
  1525. solotravel
  1526. laptops
  1527. sleep
  1528. MassEffectAndromeda
  1529. TinyHouses
  1530. Seaofthieves
  1531. tattoos
  1532. nhaa
  1533. Dreamtheater
  1534. pathofexile
  1535. Wildfire
  1536. Firefighting
  1537. help
  1538. legal
  1539. zombies
  1540. Achievement_Hunter
  1541. audiobooks
  1542. VoiceActing
  1543. ACX
  1544. UnearthedArcana
  1545. DungeonWorld
  1546. DnDHomebrew
  1547. DnD5CommunityRanger
  1548. BehaviorAnalysis
  1549. starwarsspeculation
  1550. saltierthancrait
  1551. StarWarsLeaks
  1552. gurps
  1553. auxlangs
  1554. socialjustice101
  1555. AskARussian
  1556. FalseFriends
  1557. chvrches
  1558. Mapona
  1559. UniversalScript
  1560. StateofRiodeJaneiro
  1561. tatu
  1562. nudism
  1563. languagelearning
  1564. ForwardsfromCortez
  1565. bisexual
  1566. brasil
  1567. AskAnAmerican
  1568. geographynow
  1569. civilengineering
  1570. conlangs
  1571. mapmaking
  1572. AskEurope
  1573. genderfluid
  1574. neography
  1575. BoardwalkEmpire
  1576. PlasticSurgery
  1577. golf
  1578. breakingbad
  1579. CreditCards
  1580. DanLeBatardShow
  1581. comedy
  1582. USCivilWar
  1583. psychedelicrock
  1584. technology
  1585. musicindustry
  1586. mlb
  1587. madmen
  1588. LawSchool
  1589. thesopranos
  1590. WeAreTheMusicMakers
  1591. melbourne
  1592. KindVoice
  1593. podcasts
  1594. itookapicture
  1595. photocritique
  1596. matlab
  1597. Android
  1598. gaybros
  1599. askgaybros
  1600. TheLastAirbender
  1601. bicycling
  1602. Frisson
  1603. AskCulinary
  1604. AndroidQuestions
  1605. FittitBuddy
  1606. gainit
  1607. lolgrindr
  1608. bodyweightfitness
  1609. Malazan
  1610. gaymers
  1611. outlining
  1612. AskGameMasters
  1613. Standup
  1614. StandUpWorkshop
  1615. BurningWheel
  1616. osr
  1617. TheAffair
  1618. bladesinthedark
  1619. RPGdesign
  1620. bookclub
  1621. CrusaderKings
  1622. skyrim
  1623. DarkSouls2
  1624. Fallout
  1625. CPTSD
  1626. Kirby
  1627. falloutlore
  1628. Warmwetpussy
  1629. DarksoulsLore
  1630. Vocaloid
  1631. aspergers
  1632. Bakugan
  1633. rpghorrorstories
  1634. FinalFantasy
  1635. justbeginning
  1636. ExplainBothSides
  1637. ComedyNecrophilia
  1638. masseffect
  1639. nier
  1640. fictionalpsychology
  1641. yugiohFM
  1642. FalloutMods
  1643. shamelessplug
  1644. newreddits
  1645. YuGiOhMemes
  1646. Glitch_in_the_Matrix
  1647. OCD
  1648. thelastofus
  1649. supergirlTV
  1650. medical
  1651. USPS
  1652. Autobody
  1653. dogs
  1654. lookatmydog
  1655. TheSilphRoad
  1656. crafting
  1657. service_dogs
  1658. Plumbing
  1659. electricians
  1660. personalfinance
  1661. glasses
  1662. disability
  1663. StraightTalk
  1664. providence
  1665. Baking
  1666. pestcontrol
  1667. AskHR
  1668. PCSX2
  1669. MovieSuggestions
  1670. verizon
  1671. hoarding
  1672. jobs
  1673. frontierfios
  1674. interiordecorating
  1675. amateurradio
  1676. HomeImprovement
  1677. cars
  1678. Insurance
  1679. BlueStacks
  1680. resumes
  1681. Bankruptcy
  1682. homeless
  1683. euphoria
  1684. MovieDetails
  1685. spreadsheets
  1686. VisitingIceland
  1687. EliteDangerous
  1688. askTO
  1689. OnePiece
  1690. Polish
  1691. duolingo
  1692. sony
  1693. tech
  1694. playstation
  1695. AskWomenOver30
  1696. AskMechanics
  1697. alberta
  1698. hungary
  1699. Guildwars2
  1700. HTML
  1701. FrancaisCanadien
  1702. VideoEditing
  1703. apple
  1704. Vive
  1705. TowerofGod
  1706. uAlberta
  1707. WaitingForATrain
  1708. Edmonton
  1709. WoodenPotatoes
  1710. weightwatchers
  1711. Overwatch
  1712. VRGaming
  1713. ArtistLounge
  1714. skyrimvr
  1715. Blogging
  1716. AskPhotography
  1717. Sneakers
  1718. Entrepreneur
  1719. SideProject
  1720. IndieDev
  1721. Accordion
  1722. povertyfinance
  1723. Watchexchange
  1724. javascript
  1725. fintech
  1726. work
  1727. papermoney
  1728. streetwear
  1729. portugal
  1730. BostonBruins
  1731. bettafish
  1732. mustdashe
  1733. indiegames
  1734. stocks
  1735. NewportFolkFestival
  1736. Saxophonics
  1737. gamedesign
  1738. Blind
  1739. jewelry
  1740. LatvianJokes
  1741. KindleFreebies
  1742. reviewcircle
  1743. pens
  1744. design_critiques
  1745. vinyl
  1746. knives
  1747. redditdev
  1748. css
  1749. skiing
  1750. gamejolt
  1751. IndieGaming
  1752. ShinyPokemon
  1753. DataHoarder
  1754. SomeSayImADreamer
  1755. GuessTheMovie
  1756. BokuNoHeroAcademia
  1757. fatestaynight
  1758. DiscordRP
  1759. discordroleplay
  1760. dating_advice
  1761. dating
  1762. seduction
  1763. galaxynote10
  1764. patreon
  1765. 13ReasonsWhy
  1766. Endgame
  1767. Watchmen
  1768. AskComicbooks
  1769. AskLGBT
  1770. theumbrellaacademy
  1771. RPI
  1772. Maplestory
  1773. SwitchHaxing
  1774. swordartonline
  1775. summonerschool
  1776. datealive
  1777. AzureLane
  1778. RenektonMains
  1779. fairytail
  1780. poshmark
  1781. SCP
  1782. boburnham
  1783. forhonor
  1784. pumparum
  1785. SummonSign
  1786. LovecraftianWriting
  1787. libraryofshadows
  1788. huntersbell
  1789. youngpeopleyoutube
  1790. touhou
  1791. ProjectMonika
  1792. solarpunk
  1793. raining
  1794. walmart
  1795. FindMeADistro
  1796. redheads
  1797. RedheadGifs
  1798. TalesFromRetail
  1799. retrobattlestations
  1800. heinlein
  1801. linuxquestions
  1802. Breath_of_the_Wild
  1803. kdenlive
  1804. xfce
  1805. 3Dprinting
  1806. GIMP
  1807. Fedora
  1808. IndianFood
  1809. VLC
  1810. Telegram
  1811. linux4noobs
  1812. linuxmasterrace
  1813. Ubuntu
  1814. KitchenConfidential
  1815. linux
  1816. snapchat
  1817. LightNovels
  1818. 2007scape
  1819. LearnJapanese
  1820. MobiusFF
  1821. paypal
  1822. mobilelegends
  1823. arenaofvalor
  1824. MobileLegendsGame
  1825. OnmyojiArena
  1826. vainglorygame
  1827. musicsuggestions
  1828. starbucks
  1829. Inktober
  1830. Warframe
  1831. warframeclanrecruit
  1832. dishonored
  1833. elderscrollslegends
  1834. Blizzard
  1835. Firewatch
  1836. Smite
  1837. Tribes
  1838. RecruitCS
  1839. Shen
  1840. furry_irl
  1841. socialskills
  1842. Beastars
  1843. depression_help
  1844. pdX1
  1845. Got7
  1846. TyrannyGame
  1847. PuzzleAndDragons
  1848. ADHD
  1849. mentalhealth
  1850. xbox360
  1851. entitledparents
  1852. u_MarchingKestrel001
  1853. Parenting
  1854. Paranormal
  1855. occult
  1856. DankMemesFromSite19
  1857. anime_irl
  1858. AceAttorney
  1859. GalaxyNote9
  1860. sciencefiction
  1861. mealtimevideos
  1862. Chiraqology
  1863. trippieredd
  1864. KendrickLamar
  1865. brockhampton
  1866. VietNam
  1867. MacMiller
  1868. KidCudi
  1869. OzzyOsbourne
  1870. RnBHeads
  1871. asaprocky
  1872. Jcole
  1873. rap
  1874. readyplayerone
  1875. vcu
  1876. chicago
  1877. liluzivert
  1878. Fidlar
  1879. rock
  1880. LSD
  1881. shrooms
  1882. Barber
  1883. rocksmith
  1884. makinghiphop
  1885. Green
  1886. tytonreddit
  1887. democrats
  1888. LibertarianSocialism
  1889. MNLeft
  1890. Grandchase
  1891. mushroomID
  1892. Permaculture
  1893. conspiracy
  1894. MushroomGrowers
  1895. treedibles
  1896. toolporn
  1897. ireland
  1898. Epilepsy
  1899. MMJ
  1900. worststory
  1901. canoecamping
  1902. Xiaomi
  1903. mac
  1904. macbookrepair
  1905. MechanicAdvice
  1906. Horticulture
  1907. DIY
  1908. Morocco
  1909. MotherEarth
  1910. PostCollapse
  1911. rawdenim
  1912. NoTillGrowery
  1913. fitbit
  1914. cannabiscultivation
  1915. data
  1916. humanure
  1917. IsItBullshit
  1918. VanLife
  1919. CampingGear
  1920. Doesthisexist
  1921. vandwellers
  1922. dragonballfighterz
  1923. Vagante
  1924. RivalsOfAether
  1925. CubeWorld
  1926. titanfall
  1927. Vaporwave_wallpapers
  1928. BattleRite
  1929. gamedetectives
  1930. hyperlightdrifter
  1931. creepy
  1932. OverwatchLFT
  1933. RandomActsofCards
  1934. headphones
  1935. russia
  1936. france
  1937. r4r
  1938. Denmark
  1939. PipeTobacco
  1940. Legoyoda
  1941. lifeisstrange
  1942. thepromisedneverland
  1943. catbellies
  1944. ChildrenFallingOver
  1945. RespectTheHyphen
  1946. deutschememes
  1947. titantiersuperpowers
  1948. shittynosleep
  1950. fivenightsatfreddys
  1951. crappyoffbrands
  1952. LodedDiper
  1953. testing4756
  1954. pettyrevenge
  1955. battlefront
  1956. RandomThoughts
  1957. Persona5
  1958. DevilMayCry
  1959. gay
  1960. InsanePeopleQuora
  1961. ARG
  1962. Deltarune
  1963. roommates
  1964. FindASub
  1965. vita
  1966. explainlikeIAmA
  1967. Megaman
  1968. XenobladeChronicles2
  1969. Acceleracers
  1970. askmusicians
  1971. ask
  1972. valkyria
  1973. recordingmusic
  1974. AskGamers
  1975. screenshots
  1976. creepyencounters
  1977. Hair
  1978. problems
  1979. airsoft
  1980. HappyWars
  1981. wartrade
  1982. Warframetrading
  1983. sweatcoin
  1984. centurylink
  1985. Terraria
  1986. ForFashion
  1987. ChineseLanguage
  1988. LanguageExchange
  1989. slav
  1990. slavs_squatting
  1991. ForHonorRomans
  1992. Norse
  1993. learnIcelandic
  1994. ForHonorSamurai
  1995. pantsinyourpants
  1996. Aphantasia
  1997. medievaldoctor
  1998. PenmanshipPorn
  1999. crochet
  2000. curlyhair
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2020: EXACTLY How to buy Bitcoin or ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY in ... BitCanuck Exchange at Bitcoin Rodeo  Calgary Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin & Trade ... Creating an Exchange Account with Shakepay (Canada) Canada's Crypto Regulations

Bittrex’s premier trading platform is designed for those who grasp the power of blockchain’s promise and want to be a part of the movement. With lightning-fast trades, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security, we’ve created an exchange to lead this revolutionary technology. It’s Canada’s most user-friendly crypto exchange, giving you easy access to your assets, plus reports that show your trading activity, as often as you want them. Easily track your trading activity on demand by viewing your trade reports on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. The Bitvo team has decades of worldwide experience in the fields of technology, banking, capital markets, security, financial services, transaction processing, and more. We've come together to provide Canadians with the best experience in cryptocurrency exchange. Get to know us better The collapse of crypto exchanges, from Japan’s Mt.Gox to Canada’s own CAVIRTEX, helped QuadrigaCX become the largest crypto exchange in Canada. In addition to bitcoin, you can trade bitcoin cash, ether and litecoin on this exchange. The fees QuadrigaCX charges, however, are fairly high — either 0.5% or 0.2%, depending on the coins being is another Canadian crypto exchange but they currently only offer Bitcoin. One big benefit of is it allows payment using Flexepin vouchers, it also supports all the regular ways you would fund your account. The big draw back with other than the fact it only offers Bitcoin, is the fees.

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2020: EXACTLY How to buy Bitcoin or ANY CRYPTOCURRENCY in ...

Bank of Canada to launch Crypto Exchange - Duration: 7:50. XRP talk and speculation 470 views. 7:50. FCA Unleashes Cryptocurrency Regulation in the UK - Duration: 13:33. Shakepay Link: Note the Shakepay funding address has changed! It's now Binance Link: Clickbank For Beginners: How To Make Money on Clickbank for Free (Step By Step 2020) - Duration: 22:47. Santrel Media Recommended for you How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast Using Velocity Banking How To Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years - Duration: 41:34. Think Wealthy with Mike Adams 727,173 views In this video, Michael Santonato, financial adviser, speaker and consultant shows you how to buy your first cryptocurrency. We take an overview of basic and advanced features like pro trade on my ...