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How trade Bitcoin for Euro?

I'm planning a trip next year to Europe, what's the best way to convert my BTC to Euro.
Btw: I'm Brazilian.
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How Trading Bitcoin Within An IRA Can Save Time And Money

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How trading bitcoin could actually ruin your mental health

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Warren Buffett traded Goldman Sachs for gold, how long until he gets into bitcoin?

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If I trade Bitcoin without the middle man how IRS gonna track me?

I'm a little bit confused on how taxes work for cryptocurrency. The only way IRS knows how much I made is through the middle man then without it how are they gonna find out? Thanks
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Bisq Review: What is Bisq? How to Trade Bitcoin on Bisq? Fees

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How do you trade bitcoin in the UK legitimately

Okay so I've been trading a little while on LBC and I've been semi successful and I've enjoyed doing it, until people have started targeting me and reversing payments... As some of you will know this is intensely annoying, the bank will lock up your account until the investigation is closed and they might even close your bank account altogether. Yet, there are people on LBC who operate within the UK just fine. How do they do this? What is the process that needs to happen to be able to trade and be sure that your account won't be locked up if someone tries to reverse a payment?
I'd like specifics if anyone can provide them but I have a few specific questions:
What business account bank should I use and why? I've heard Enumis and Clear Junction are popular.
I know I need to be regulated by the FCA if I want to start trading consistently with large volumes. Will being FCA approved effect the way I trade to any large degree? Will it prevent people from locking up my account by reversing payments etc?
Any other comments from UK based professional traders on Localbitcoins or similar P2P trading sites would be appreciated.
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How can I legally trade bitcoins against normal money?

Hi, for context, in germany I can easily register on a platform and buy bitcoins with real money from my back account. That works fine, but now I would like to give it to friends for money again, because they dont want the hassle of beeing registered on a that platform. Im pretty sure I have to start some kind of business for this or register somewhere, but someone told me, I would have to start a bank to be allowed! how is this in any way practical? I can get bitcoin but I cant sell them? is that the reason btc isnt used in everyday businesses? do I need to operate from another country? thanks for the input
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Scammer Ouaga11 (Murat Kaplan) from Madagascar, Scammer Poker Player and Fake businessman

Turkish online scammer Murat Kaplan from Madagascar. He plays online poker with "Ouaga11" nickname, lives in Madagascar and claims he's a vanilla exporter and crypto-currency trader.
He's working just like African e-mail phishing scammers who tell some shit about a profitable business opportunity. My experience was a little bit different from that, probably yours will be too, so be careful.
I met this hustler in Coinpoker support group on Telegram. He sent me a direct message regarding a question I asked on the group and warned me about scammers there (what an irony) and we started to have a conversation. We deepened the conversation in a short time since we're both Turkish and poker players.
Just like all scammers, right after he gained my trust, he asked to borrow a small amount of money as bitcoin on the ground that it's not allowed to buy bitcoin on Madagascar. Since I'm also a recreational poker player I felt like we belong to the same community and I can trust him (honestly this was my stupidity).
He also mentioned about so many things about how trading bitcoin in Madagascar is a huge business opportunity because both buying bitcoin online and sending money over a limited amount to out of the country were forbidden by the government of Madagascar. As he said, there was a huge demand for bitcoin especially from government officers who are all corrupted and not be able to spend their bribe money in cash.
At the end of the story, he claimed that he sent me the money he borrowed but nothing came to my bank account for weeks of course. During this time he also claimed his internet connection was lost because of an infrastructure work around his house, so he stopped being online on Telegram. But later I noticed he was playing online tournaments on Pokerstars during all this time.
I also found and got in contact with a pro poker player who knows this Murat Kaplan aka Ouaga11 guy and I learned he was also scammed by him years ago.
So, just like I said, I wrote this post to warn other people not to get ripped off by this degenerated gambler and fake businessman. Just be careful, do not send anything somebody you don't know no matter how much they seem nice and you trust them.
Here some contact info of this scammer Ouaga11 Murat Kaplan from Madagascar.
Phone: +261 34 44 791 59
e-mail: [](

Scammer Murat Kaplan aka Ouaga11
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I bought a few Bitcoin a few years back. Since then they have split into Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold (and maybe more?). How do I split those coins off reliably using a wallet or trading platform like Kraken?

Many thanks for your assistance.
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How bitcoin trading works [troll science]

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I was contacted by someone from iMarketsLive/IM Mastery Academy and crashed a few of their zoom calls

I was recently contacted by someone on my personal IG account who I didn't follow and who didn't follow me back, asking me if I was interested in learning about trading and making money while doing it. Turns out I'd actually been researching the company for about a week for my podcast. He probably found my account because for that purpose I followed a few of their influencers, even though when I asked him how he found me, he lied and said he's go through hashtags about trading and entrepeuneurship and message the people who used them.
Since I wanted to dig a little deeper, I told him I was interested and he invited me to a zoom call later that same day, where some team leaders would talk about the opportunity more in depth.
I got into the call and there were about 150 people at the start. Later that number would go to 250. The speaker was 24 years old and in the rank of chairman 10, which means he makes 10 thousand a month. That number though, is exclusively due to bringing more people in, not from trading. First thing he did was quote Rich Dad, Poor Dad from Robert Kiyozaki. He quoted the bit of the book that says that 5% of the people on the world own 95% of the money, and that's because they have their money working for them. Basically this was the set up to say "If you want to be part of that 5%, this is your chance." I atended a few more calls, they all had the same tone, and the same predatory nature of all of the messages I've been seeing in this subreddit for years: be your own boss, have financial freedom, flexible hours, talking about people who have a normal job with a normal schedule "aren't truly free", and how trading, bitcoin and forex is the future, and anyone who doesn't jump at the opportunity right now is just missing out.
Even though I've been consuming antiMLM content for a while and could see right through all of their bullshit, it was truly disheartening to be on those calls and go though their social media and see how many people who are really vulnerable, specially due to the pandemic, are being bamboozled by all of this.
From my research into them, I've learned that, as is the case with most MLMs, most of the people who join end up losing money, that their executive VP, Alex Morton is an absolute sleazeball who was in two MLMs before this one (Vemma and Jeunesse) and that the product they offer, the trading courses doesn't seem to be hight quality (I don't know much about trading, so I googled "best online trading courses" and they didn't show up in any rankings, even though they claim to be the #1 online academy worldwide in their presentation without citing any source) and there are services who offer the same for a fraction of the price and without the incentive to recruit anyone.
This MLM is absolutely blowing up in my country (I'm from Chile). Recruits have been trained to ignore any sort of criticism as jealousy, negativity of just ignorance, and while they incentivize their members to "study and expand their knowledge" this invitation seems to be limited to their pre approved list of self help and millionaire mindset books, and the very bottom of the barrel content their own influencers produce.
I haven't seen much about this MLM on this subreddit, so I'll leave some of the resources I used when reasearching them:
-Truth in advertising's analysis of the company:
- Can you make money with IM Mastery Academy?
-Is IM Mastery Academy a scam? Most people make $52 for the year
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🔴Live Bitcoin Analysis @ 10 AM EST: How To Trade Support & Resistance

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🔴Live Bitcoin Analysis @ 10 AM EST: How To Trade Support & Resistance

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🔴Live Bitcoin Analysis @ 10 AM EST: How To Trade Support & Resistance

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hello, im new to buying bitcoin and when purchasing it on blockchain i cant seem to find out how to move it from my “BTC trading wallet” to “My Bitcoin wallet”

help me out
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My stop limits are gone. Traders do not know how to trade BTC at 12,000 (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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🔴Live Bitcoin Analysis @ 10 AM EST: How To Trade Support & Resistance (x-post from /r/cryptocurrency)

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🔴Live Bitcoin Analysis @ 10 AM EST: How To Trade Support & Resistance

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🔴 BITCOIN LIVE #17: How To Trade Support & Resistance - Dicas sobre Bitcoin - mais rápido rápido

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BITCOIN LIVE #16: How To Trade Fibonacci

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Will begin with thanking u guys such a positive great community. Last week I posted about learning bitcoins. I now have my setup ready to rock. Cold storage is on online accounts, 2FA verifications all on. Now, how u guys read charts, patterns and all that stuff. How u guys trade it?

When I say trade it I don't want to be daytrader but a monthly long term trader but still how u guys read it.

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BITCOIN LIVE #18: How To Trade Orderbooks - YouTube How to Make Money with Bitcoin  How to Trade Bitcoin ... How To Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners - YouTube How to EARN BITCOIN using COINS.PH  2020 (Step by Step ... HOW TO TRADE IN $BITCOIN ??? - YouTube

The Leader in Local Bitcoin Trading. The easiest way to learn about and trade bitcoin. Find local bitcoin traders in your area or easily purchase online. With Trade Bitcoin you can invest in Bitcoin monthly to leverage the power of compound investing in one of the fastest growing asset classes of the Century! Let's get started learning how to trade bitcoin! Bitcoin trading is actually pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. Being the premier cryptocurrency, it is pretty straightforward to buy and sell them as and when you want to. Bitcoin has a history of volatility which has brought in a lot of traders and media interest into the ecosystem. Trade Bitcoin, S&P 500, Gold, EURUSD and 50+ assets Get easy access to Cryptocurrencies , Stock Indices , Commodities and Forex markets from a single account Open free account Should you trade Bitcoin and Ether on the short side? With the volatility in crypto, especially on the downside, one might start wondering about short selling. Short selling is a trade, not an investment. Short selling is a fundamental part of a fully functioning secondary market. It provides liquidity on the upside and on the downside. To trade bitcoin, you can search for “cryptocurrencies” or “bitcoin” on the search engine of the platform. You can then select it and click on “buy” to start trading it. I hope that helps.

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BITCOIN LIVE #18: How To Trade Orderbooks - YouTube

Tutorial paano kumita sa - P100.00 -P1000.00 per day. VIDEO ABOUT AUTOMATIC TRADING --- LEARN FB ADS with Chinkee Tan o... I Tried Day Trading Bitcoin for a Week I Beginner Crypto Robinhood Get two free stocks when you sign up to this Stock Trading App: How to make money with Bitcoin and how to trade Bitcoin safely at support and resistance levels using Bitcoin charts. 🎈 Start your 14-day free trial with our... Live Technical Analysis for Bitcoin (BTC), Stocks, Gold, Silver, DXY, and more! Today, We Will Look at How to Trade Based On Order Books, with a live bitcoin... I this video I have covered HOW TO TRADE IN $BITCOIN I have talked about how to trade in Bitcoin in this video" So to buy your first Bitcoin, Click on the be...